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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Compassionate Conservatism

Compassionate Conservatism
There is a hard one to wrap your mind around. How does one remain compassionate when one is constantly being taken advantage of? Good will is a precept of our nation and Constitution: “Good will towards all people”, but when is enough, enough? When do you say alright, you've taken advantage of me long enough, you can no longer use our resources as yours, nor take our land for yours, nor use our schools for yours, nor use our national anthem (in English) for yours. Who could conceive of America’s National Anthem being sung in Spanish as is done now? Granted, I applaud the attempt to be patriotic and sing America’s song, but the way it was intended. In English!
Do you give until you're bankrupt (as Democrats would have you do), or put limits on spending for illegal immigrants, who by very definition are illegal, extralegal or criminal. We would much prefer an immigrant population that would not walk all over our laws and prohibitions, our way of life and our constitution. For our nation’s security, business as usual on immigration can no longer be allowed. The status quo is suicide. If it takes armed force at the borders or an Israeli style wall, then so be it. We are no longer in the position to allow free access to our bounty by just anyone; they now have to be vetted and scrutinized. The rabble to snub their noses at out concerns with amazing selfishness. We no longer have the luxury of allowing our borders to be as porous as Howard Dean's head; we must do more to staunch the leaking of both, though I believe Dean is a lost cause.
The edict or motto I try to live by is “help my fellow human beings” daily. How do I help them when I can't be sure they won't kill me or my family, take money out of my family's pockets or rob my grandchildren of their birthright? When my moral obligation to help my fellow man collides with my moral obligation to be there and protect my family I can tell you what will always win out. While I'm not unfeeling for the angst and poverty pangs of our neighbors on our Southern border, I know there are better answers than to let them run all over our nation further straining our already strained resources to help our poor and disadvantaged people. i.e. all hurricane victims, tornado victims, flood victims, veterans and their families.
The pursuit of the American dream needs to become the Mexican dream, or the Honduran dream or the (your country here) dream. With all these hands clamoring for a piece of a pie they had no hand in creating, there will be none left for our nation.

Goethe said: “There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity”

If we can’t stop the stupidity with education then we must stop the aggressiveness with action.

The best course is to do both.

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