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Monday, February 23, 2009

Alan Keyes for President! (Once Obama is gone)

Why do we listen to platitudes and political rhetoric when the world is degenerating into the cesspool of "everything is OK if you want to do it" ? We, (I say "We" because like it or not We're all in it together) vote for a party that promises us wealth, equality, no more tears, no more fears, no more wars. When in our hearts we know that this is not possible.

Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but we are NOT born equal. Some people are smart, some are dumb, and some just smart enough to work for ACORN. Life is hard, you will cry, life is scary the government will not hug you nor hold your hand, the world is dangerous, and people want to kill you because you breathe, are white, black, Mexican, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist. There is any number of reasons for people to hate, and when they hate they make war. Simple as that.
Islam teaches to hate the infidel. If you are an American and call yourself Christian, or Christ follower....that's YOU. Our President is releasing (or by this time HAS released) the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing and closing down Guantanamo Bay Prison and bringing them to SUPER MAX in Colorado and is in the process of giving them OUR Constitutional rights. They didn't fight for them nor bleed for them nor support them with their lifeblood. We are truly circling the drain.