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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Coalition Against Gun Violence POS...oops, sorry PSA. Coalition Against Gun Violence created a PSA supporting the fantasy that Stand Your Ground was used in the attack on George Zimmerman.
     Just watched the ad. Amazed is one word. Another is fabrication. Trayvon was a stoner thug who picked the wrong guy to jump. George Zimmerman didn't reach for his gun until after his head was being bounced off of the concrete. Self Defense isn't Stand You Ground. Both of which are sound doctrine against thuggery. The only motivation for an ad like this must be protection of the perpetrator. A more pliant victim makes easier prey and a happier safer thug. Which it really is all about...happiness and safety for the thug.

     “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
― Thomas Jefferson, Complete Jefferson

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Three Card Monty

     Benghazi was about arms retrieval. The CIA was there to buy/retrieve some if not all of the surface to air missiles that went missing during Gaddafi's ouster. Paying hard cash to Al Qaeda for weapons stolen from Libya's armories.

     Egypt is about radical Islamic supremacy. Obama won't call the regime change a coup because in doing so they would have to, by congressional decree, stop funding. Both military and humanitarian. The Muslim Brotherhood a radical Islamist group who seized power through ballot box stuffing and electorate intimidation, supports Mohamed Morsi. The Egyptian treaty with Israel was to be (or has been) rescinded under Morsi's watch. Morsi granted himself unlimited power by decree, then took it back (he says).  Only the decree stands and his power hasn't diminished. Rapes are on the rise, Christians women and children were killed, their churches burnt to the ground (soon to have a mosque built on the site). All with the cry of “Allahu Akbar” echoing in the background.

Watch rodeo clown.
  • Don't investigate Lois Lerner's personal email where she was conducting IRS business.
  • Don't investigate the people murdered in Benghazi.
  • Don't investigate the Attorney General who was aware of and running Fast and Furious where a border control agent was murdered with one of the guns.
  • Don't investigate the illegal, (against the Constitution) collection and stockpiling of phone numbers (conversations?), emails and Internet sites visited.
  • Don't investigate illegal seizures of emails at the AP.
  • Don't investigate the illegal seizure of Fox News reporter James Rosen's emails both professional and personal and the harassment of his family.
  • Don't report on the looming tyranny that is Obamacare on 1 October.
  • Don't investigate the Obama administration role in the violence in Egypt. Watch on which side Obama's support falls. It will always be in favor of Muslims and Sharia. Remember, Obama said “I am a friend to the Muslim” in his first year in office. Believe him.
  • Don't look into an election coerced by threat of violence and fraught with ballot stuffing and theft.
  • Don't investigate who made the decision not to provide aid to the victims at the American Embassy in Benghazi.
  • Don't investigate why the survivors have been given false names and had to sign nondisclosure agreements with the government.
  • Don't investigate the Fed. The largest crimes on the planet have happened there.

I could go on and on.

     The outrage about the clown at the rodeo with the Obama mask is about distraction and 1st Amendment rights. A clown pursuing his craft. People claiming racism are useful idiots. Americans have Attention Deficit Disorder.
Remember there was no outcry when similar acts occurred using a George Bush mask. Hypocrisy is the liberal Demoncrat's calling card. Oh wait, no its not. The RACE card is their calling card. It's still being played.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Letter to our Senator Bill Nelson

Senator Nelson,

      I cannot express strongly enough my displeasure at your recent vote on the United Nations Arms Treaty. A vote in the affirmative voting FOR this treaty is a direct contravention of our Constitution.
     When you took your oath of office, you swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States did you not? Why are you CONTIUNTALLY voting to erode it's powers? Again I am disappointed in your performance. Under your watch I've seen our nation lose international status, economic power, moral assurance, and a confused foreign policy. These are all resultant in part by your actions or inaction. EVERY time you vote for or against a treaty, bill or resolution, you need to ask yourself, is this in accordance with the Constitution? If it is not in ANY part, it should be voted against. I understand there is always compromise in politics, however, if you are not already, you should be a Constitutional scholar. Determine and argue based on the legality of a bill or treaty. If this treaty surrenders any US sovereignty it should be voted against and refused. SECSTATE John Kerry is very excited at the prospect of disarming Americans. You need to ask yourself, why. Why is POTUS after the same thing? Why are YOU voting to disarm Americans, and surrender sovereignty? What is your motive? Is it Constitutional? I can assure you it is not. I AM a Constitutional scholar, and your actions are in direct opposition to the founders intentions.

     I am constantly disappointed in your actions. You vote in lockstep with the Democrat party. I understand you think you are voting for your the best interest of our nation. Look at things in this light...if you allow your child to wander into traffic with no admonition against it, nor consequences afterwards does that make you a good parent? I daresay no. You were a elected lone of two leaders of Florida, with the understanding that you would be privy to information that the average citizen on the street wouldn't know. If you know of an impending attack at Port Canaveral would you vote to remove security from it? The answer is no. If you know of an impending attack on our nation would you disarm our citizens? That is what you are doing. I believe that your tenure in office started well. But as you have remained, your vision has become clouded. You've lost sight of what is right and good and important to America. Correct your actions or leave office, or you will be voted out.


Kenneth A. Jenkins USAF Ret.