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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"D" is for Dummy

Listening to my local AM radio today, I was struck by a caller into Rush's show who has a son in Iraq. He asked, "Why isn't there more outrage?" about Harry Reid's typical comments about the war. (I say typical because I expect nothing else from this poor excuse for an elected official of the US Government.) Rush opined that the lack of outrage was because the "drive-by media" didn't think it to be newsworthy, and I believe he's right. Calls for cutting and running are rampant by those in the media and Democrats in Congress. Obviously, it no longer merits news coverage. I AM outraged; not just by his comments but by disregarding pertinent news for the bloodbath of the day, whether it's the tragedy at Virginia Tech or a homicide bomber in Baghdad. I'm not suggesting that the media not devote time to tragedies but how about coverage commensurate with importance? We have seen the media in a saliva-covered frenzy over Anna Nicole's death and subsequent child paternity issues. Granted, its bad that she died, but it won't affect US foreign policy, unless fewer US citizens visit the Bahamas or Seminole casinos because of it. You would expect such comments out of Cindy Sheehan or Sean Penn, but not an elected US Senator and Majority Leader. It is without a doubt giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Saying that America has already lost the war, and that any further effort on our part is futile, tells our enemy, along with a guaranteed redeployment date, that all they have to do is wait until November of 2008 regardless.

John McCain is paying for his now stalwart stance in backing up the President's policy regarding the Iraq war, when he should be lauded. It seems that this once, Republican in name only has come back to the fold, and I welcome him. We need more warriors and less wimps in this all important war on our way of life. We need stronger backbones not limp wrists. We need the Red, White and Blue flag, not the white alone. Our men and women in theater know this and are dismayed and undermined by Harry's speech and others like him. This is NOT the time when we should be tearing down those that would protect us. I liken this to Dick Durbin who said that American interrogators at Guantanamo were like Nazis. What is accomplished by rhetoric like this, other than tearing down the US warriors in the field? Political points scored for the excuse of a good sound bite do more damage than they know, or maybe they know exactly how much damage is done and are doing it because or in spite of it. I suggest Harry Reid go to Iraq and tell those men and women to their faces that they are fighting a lost cause and have in fact already lost the war. The term "Fragged" suddenly comes to mind: a term John Kerry should be familiar with.