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Friday, February 09, 2007

12 Minutes of Eye Opening Video

If you do nothing else today, educate yourself for the safety of your family and country. Watch this video. They are telling us what they are going to do. And I for one believe they will do it given a chance. It's up to you and me to stop them. We certainly can't rely on the appeasement policy of the EU or the UN nor the hand wringing of the majority party.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dems take the helm

I've wondered why I haven't felt like writing recently. Since the Democrats “won” this November I have to admit to being disheartened. It’s not apathy. It’s the shock. The shock of someone being told they have terminal cancer and there is nothing they can do about it. I choose to fight this cancer holistically, starting with myself and my beliefs. And do what I can to talk truth to anyone who will listen.

The greatest threat we face today is apathy toward our nation and her defense. A kind of rot from inside, where we believe we as Americans are wrong for breathing and guilty for our prosperity. We are what we are because of what we and our forefathers have believed. Sic God is the Creator to whom we are responsible, Jesus was His Son made flesh to die for our sins. There is but one way to get to heaven, but you get to choose….Heaven or Hell. Christians are good and have your soul in mind, and I will not apologize for it. Though the media and Hollywood would have you believe different.

At the same time, I am wondering where the Americans are. Where are the people who came here to survive tyranny or persecution and fight for what they believe? Where is the spirit of Sir Walter Raleigh “Work or Starve”, or Teddy Roosevelt’s “America for Americans”. Where are the people who believe God, Country and Family? That abortion on demand is wrong, and that you should own a gun to protect your family, yourself and community, form a ready militia when disasters like Katrina and our recent tornadoes occur, or at least not stand in my way when I want to.

I believe some Americans are silent by order of law, those in the military would have a lot to say if there wasn’t a prohibition on speaking out. Where are the people who crave freedom enough to work for it? They apparently don’t live here anymore, or they are silent. I choose to believe the latter, or else my bags would be packed for somewhere else.

We’ve elected people who want to take the lives of children, take away your right to protect yourself and your family,tax you and give your money to those who won’t work for it. We’ve elected people who are deferring an imminent treat, that of militant Islam and those that would threaten us here at home and abroad.

I’m all for helping people who can no longer help themselves. I’m one of them… a disabled vet. But, I don’t like taking money that I haven’t earned. I may be entitled to it but, I can see no other way around it, for the sake of my family. To be trite, a hand up is not a hand out.

The Democrats and their “vote for us and we'll continue the dole” mentality, the mentality of Americans and immigrants who have both hands extended for freebies but won't dig themselves out of a hole without “government” help.

I have the sneaking suspicion that the Democrats are complicit in the decline of everything I hold dear; namely, my family, my country and countrymen, my God, and the office of the President which they view with rancor and disdain. I have been watching the Democrats take office with the same dread as I've been watching viral videos of cars sliding inexorably downhill on ice towards other cars and pedestrians, with audio of a woman saying “I have three children in my car” as she watches SUV’s careen into piles of crushed metal.

Do we think the main threat to America is a President who wants to protect his nation? The Democrats would have you think so. They would have you believe that a terror fighting tactic of listening to terrorists phone calls is “domestic surveillance”…..WHAT? They are Terrorists calling Terrorists for God’s sake. Not my Aunt Sally exchanging recipes with my Mom. They are listening in to protect us, not to entrap us. The NY Times needs to close shop and stick to printing the Daily Shopper. Pelosi, Schumer, Reed, Levin and Rangel would have us believe that they've accomplished enough bills in “the first 100 hours” to justify the American people’s faith shown by electing them. They've done nothing, and God help us when they do. They've indicated that they would not confirm John Bolton in his post at the UN; where he’s done the most good of any UN Ambassador since Jean Kirkpatrick.

  • Iran is more in need of evangelism than any nation on earth. But just try to get a Bible across the border, same way with our friends Saudi Arabia.

  • Palestine was an area of desert inhabited by nomads. When Israel became a nation Arabs from Jordan, Syria, and surrounding countries came to Israel for work, then magically became Palestinians.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu has an excellent grasp on the situation in Israel. Enemies on all sides, eroding support from America, no support from the UN at all, since countries such as Indonesia and Qatar have seats on the Security Council.

  • Burgeoning fuel hungry China and cash poor Russia are out for their own good not the good of the world.

  • North Korea’s dictatorship will not last much longer, someone will kill off Kim Jong Il, as will be the case of newly elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
In our endeavors to be all inclusive and politically correct we have allowed the enemy to come within our borders, if they weren't born here. The UK is having horrible homegrown terrorist problems as we have had, ala Timothy McVeigh. Great Britain would do well to remember who they are or better, who they were. World War II made most Britons realize their identity and loyalty, but in the 50 years since, they have lost it to a liberal agenda. In our magnanimous attempt to include everyone under the umbrella of our democracy and prosperity, we, (by "we" I mean the Western world) have spoilt the soup. We don't need an external enemy to destroy us, they are already among us.