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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Standing in front of the Monkey cage

How can you stand in the shit storm that is the Blagojevich scandal and not get any on you? Hmmm Barack? Hmmm Rahm? The picture that keeps going through my mind is what happened to me in Air Force Basic Training, while on a day pass toward the end of training we went to the San Antonio zoo. It seems that the monkeys in cages love to throw poo at blue suiters. One of the fun things to do was get a rube from your sister flight to walk with you across the firing range of the monkeys and stand behind them when the missiles hit/ or throw them in front as the case may be. Inevitably some got on you. Which leads me to the question...Democrats, investigating Democrats, clearing Democrats without any outside observation. Nobody here but us chickens. This whole thing (the Obamavich affair) needs a non partisan Justice Department investigation.