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Monday, December 28, 2009

Short note on Health Care

     Senator Warner compares government run health care to getting a drivers license.  Which of us hasn’t heard that driving is a privilege not a right?  The same is true about health care.  While it IS a need, it isn’t a right.  Food is a need not a right, oxygen is a need not a right.  People need help.  It is within our scope of responsibility to help those in need, it’s is a Christian mandate.  To depend on Government to provide for our every need is dangerous, because they don’t give what they don’t first take away from someone else. 
     Are you that someone?  Are you trying to earn a living?  Are you trying to support a family?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are the unwitting donor.  This is Congressionally mandated theft.  While I expect through my taxes to maintain a police force, road repair, parks and recreation and the military.   I don’t expect to provide health care for illegal immigrants, nor those who won’t work, nor those who have 5 babies to get more welfare.  This is thievery by congressional fiat.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tragedy in Lakewood and Orlando

Media attention on Tiger Woods' accident versus the cold blooded murder of 4 law enforcement officers. In any given hour over the last 3 days on any news channel, you would have 10 minutes of Tiger Woods domestic abuse speculation and one minute on the tragic murder of Lakewood Police officers Greg Richards, Mark Renninger, Tina Griswold and Ronald Owens.
While the manhunt was going on stations briefly put the picture of Clemmons on the screen, “so you can get a real good look” and maybe identify him to help the investigation. Oh but Tiger Woods was released from the hospital and not talking to FHP. Yeah that's real important.

May God give the families of the lost comfort.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not because he's black

I don’t’ dislike Obama because he’s black, I dislike him because he’s a destructive communist elitist who hates America. Apologizing, overspending, narcissistic, nepotistic, backpedalling, lying, verbose, condescending, uppity (yes I said uppity, look it up.) Trying to score points to stay elected by handing out largesse that he had nothing to do with creating and does not exist. Liberals would have you believe that the Bush/Gore election was stolen by a Bush loyal (Catherine Harris) at the board of elections in Florida then run by his brother Governor Jeb Bush. This is one incident that warranted inspection and judgment by the US Supreme Court. Acorn who has offices in every state of the union and more than one office in more populous states, hasn’t even been investigated at the Federal level (anybody smell an Eric Holder?)

I really suspect he is something other than what he says he is. The birth certificate is one big question that has yet to be answered, and no I am not on the crazy train. I just know the requirements for the job, and haven’t seen any evidence that he fits the bill. I have seen evidence contrary to the Constitution Article 2, Section 1.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dyspeptic in Florida

I find my dyspepsia is directly proportional to the amount of time I don’t get to vent. I have the urge to kick dogs and glare at children. My wife sees in me strange symptoms. I growl often, glower constantly and bark occasionally. I’m becoming canine in my abhorrence of recent legislation. To start with: The Bailout - my God! What wicked communistic Harvard educated minds came up with this one? Oh yeah, the ones you elected. You wanted “change”, well here it comes. So much so fast that you can’t absorb it all, by design. I’m sure this was in the works for years. There must have been strategy sessions for the eventuality of a Democrat President and a filibuster proof Democrat congress. I can see the steam pumping from behind the door of this session, scheming for the downfall of “evil America”, the war mongering, capitalist, global Christian oligarchy. We must kill it, bring it to its knees, for by doing so, only then can we lift up the proletarians of the world imagined by Marxist college professors all over the nation.
I am not anti-education. I am pro-truth. I believe that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I believe that you must serve first before you can complain, and by service I mean care for your fellow man. Fewer Americans have this mindset than ever before. It used to be that if a man were hungry, you would feed him a meal and he would do needed chores around the house/farm as it were, so as to sustain or provide for his dignity. Now, that same man is standing on a street corner with his hand out and the other in his pocket around a weapon. The Democrat ideal. Again, this isn’t a crisis of morality; it’s a crisis of need. This poor man needs food, and the only way he’ll get it is from the “Government”. That appears to be the answer to all questions. Health care? The Government is the answer. You need food? The Government again is the answer. And shelter? Here we go again… the Government. Drugs, yep here’s some free Viagra.
We (the Democrat) must think about the future, breed more loyal mouths beholding to us, the Government. Educate them to our way of thinking; stifle opposition, in all its permutations and methods; literature, television, radio, internet, and what you can’t stifle you attack openly as evil. That is the modus operandi.
Whatever happened to reasoned discussion? Compromise? This is also a skill that we as conservatives need hone.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not Really Tired of it.....yet

O.K. I thought I'd be jaded and tired of speaking out about our government, (or lack thereof) but as I sit back and watch what is happening to our laws, schools, economy, foreign policy, military, health care, how can I remain silent? The better question is: how can YOU remain silent? When will you see that you've been sold a bill of goods.

Spending is not the way out of debt. When you have a bad loan that you default on, make the best terms possible with the bank and agree on a repayment plan. You don't get to write it off and say “Oh well. I won't have to pay this back, and I can still live in my house because...the Prez will take care of everything, from mitigating the interest rate to forgiving the entire loan."

He’s been currying favor among ne'er do wells to shore up his voting base by forgiving their loans and ensuring they get to vote (many times and in different jurisdictions. I know that people (otherwise unqualified to vote) are bussed in from different counties under the auspices of the “Job Corps” and ACORN, with local addresses just to vote in both local and national elections. The Democrats cried about a “stolen election” when G. W. Bush was elected.

The Main Stream Media has turned a blind eye to these egregious violations, but continue to tout their “boy”. And I mean “boy”, not in the Old South, meaning, but with the intent that they “own” this man, by virtue of getting him elected due to ignoring all the red flags connected with his Presidency. i.e., where exactly was he born? No redacted birth certificate. Once and for all, will he not provide definitive information on the locale of his birth? And a few other questions....

· Eye witnesses (his Grandmother et al) have said his birth was in Africa, which places him in violation of the Constitutional requirements to be President. A redacted birth certificate is on file with the election commission. How is that possible? A pure and unaltered copy is required for verification to the highest office in the world.

· The slime ball in which whose living room Obama’s political life was launched: one Michael Ayers, who now infects young peoples' minds with anti-American vitriol, espouses Communism and violent overthrow of our government, is responsible for bombing police stations in the 60's, and said he “would do it all over again”.

· Where is his donor list? This is a big deal. Bill Clinton still hasn't provided HIS donor list, which should have been a prerequisite Hillary Clinton for becoming Secretary of State.

When are Americans going to look up from the Main Stream Media newspapers, and MSNBC, CNN, and ABC News, and realize they've been snookered? With the main stream media's complicity he was elected. This needs to change. The role of media in elections needs to be attenuated to reflect the truth…. I know “novel concept”. Well, cheers for now. God Bless.


Friday, March 20, 2009

New news is old news

Please click the link above.

This information was released on February 2nd. Did anyone hear it on the news? Was it touched on in the "morning brief"? Probably touched on, but certainly not deemed newsworthy by our friends in the Media.
I guess there are only a few of us paying attention. While we are whining and complaining (rightly so) about the Porkulus Stimulus package and the bad behavior of elected officials (see, Dodd, Frank) our President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, has been having one over on us. It seems he is giving our enemies the fast track for entry to the U.S., along with a nice bonus of 20.3 million dollars (chump change right?); this in a memorandum to Hillary Clinton to relieve hardship by those poor terrorists being bombed into the stone age by Israel. Which side of the fence are we on? I certainly hope when Israel finally gets fed up with Iran's threats to "wipe them off the face of the earth", and Israel eradicates the pests, we (I mean the Federal Government) won't side with the Islamic terrorists. Netanyahu's recent election means pretty much that Israel is girding for war. They want a patriot in place when Iran sends CBM's into Israel; one that will withstand world opinion when they preemptively strike the numerous nuclear facilities.
One more on a growing list of outrages this president has precipitated.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Democrat Sleight of Hand

The power Rush Limbaugh wields is in his voice. He illuminates with clarity and humor; edifies with parable and comparison, and blandishes with parody.
Amazing that, while we are in such dire straits with the war in Iraq, (Oh yeah? Do we still have soldiers in harm's way?) and true economic catastrophe looming, the leaders of this great nation have time to notice and spend air time pointing fingers at a talk radio host--a man not elected and not electable.
Are we being duped yet again? Are we still watching the left hand while the right lifts our wallets?

The simple answer is yes.

Another blind. More subterfuge. Does anybody see a pattern? The Obama administration, along with some other very smart people, (i.e. George Stephanopolous, who is still working for the Democrat machine via daily conference calls with the leadership, while holding the position in ABC News as a "political commentator", not labeled honestly as the liberal stooge he is). In addition to James Carville, arguably the meanest man on retainer for the DNC.

The news seems to ignore select issues such as the already broken promises by Obama, Pelosi and Reid, the unholy mess that is the Stimulus package and the respective earmarks, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act that has nothing to do with the economy, or the lack of the much touted transparency and bipartisanship.

Republicans were not even, allowed to see the text of the bill until 9 hours before being required to vote on the floor.
What kind of good faith and transparency is this? There is more transparency in the Gambino crime families' affairs.
Did anyone see the earmark for the expansion of funding for ACORN. Or the 9 Billion dollars to assist high risk or dishonest borrowers out of the mess they made by buying more house than they could afford. I think new home owners should be required to take a class to ensure understanding of the financial terminology such as “Adjustable Rate Mortgage”and consequences before they fix their signatures.

The existing media continues to turn a blind eye to such things as the 500 Million dollar loan requested by the FDIC. Who says the banks are fine? Am I the only one watching? Meanwhile, Rome burns.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Alan Keyes for President! (Once Obama is gone)

Why do we listen to platitudes and political rhetoric when the world is degenerating into the cesspool of "everything is OK if you want to do it" ? We, (I say "We" because like it or not We're all in it together) vote for a party that promises us wealth, equality, no more tears, no more fears, no more wars. When in our hearts we know that this is not possible.

Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but we are NOT born equal. Some people are smart, some are dumb, and some just smart enough to work for ACORN. Life is hard, you will cry, life is scary the government will not hug you nor hold your hand, the world is dangerous, and people want to kill you because you breathe, are white, black, Mexican, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist. There is any number of reasons for people to hate, and when they hate they make war. Simple as that.
Islam teaches to hate the infidel. If you are an American and call yourself Christian, or Christ follower....that's YOU. Our President is releasing (or by this time HAS released) the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing and closing down Guantanamo Bay Prison and bringing them to SUPER MAX in Colorado and is in the process of giving them OUR Constitutional rights. They didn't fight for them nor bleed for them nor support them with their lifeblood. We are truly circling the drain.