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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Election Notes

 I was working on this prior to election time, but a family emergency delayed its publishing.  Apologies.  

   At election time we NEED to remember that the government "shutdown" was worsened by the actions of the White House.  Why? To make YOU feel the pain.  The shutdown's original intent was to reign in out of control spending.  That is not hyperbole.  Anyone who looks critically at the spending habits of Congress must see that there is a serious problem in both parties.  Even the bill that got our government started again had pork barrel spending in it from BOTH parties.  That is, extraneous garbage put in the spending bill for, not the best interest of Americans, but self interested lobbyists,  friends and campaign donors.  THIS in a singular piece of legislation to get our nation restarted.  Why are we not storming the halls of Congress? Impeaching those who are in breach of their oath of office.  Tea party activists are incensed by members of Congress (MoC), who have no fiscal responsibility, or economic mindset.  They apparently don’t know whose money they are spending.  Or if they do, they just don’t care.  Every MoC we send to D.C. should be elected with a look toward: the Constitutionality of a given piece of legislation.  Assessing it's worthiness. Self assessment is a prerequisite for the job. He or she needs to ask the questions: am I being a good steward of the nations’ and my constituents taxes?  Does it fit in the budget?  The last is absolutely necessary.  We must elect Congress with the understanding that there will be an Amendment for a Balanced Budget.  Continuing Resolution that has an added trillion dollars is not only ludicrous it should be illegal.  Obamacare should be repealed.  It has put, or WILL put millions more people out of work.  It will break what wasn’t in need of fixing.
     There was malicious intent in the closure of the WWII monument and the Pennsylvania site of United Airlines flight 175 crash.  While at the very same time Pelosi and Reid held a rally for illegal immigrants using the National Park assets that were removed from our national monuments. This administration has a history of casually and intentionally inflicting pain.  I think the people who elected this bunch of sado-masochists to office must be exorcizing the guilt they have for the slaves their ancestors might've had, used or seen on the street.  In so doing, those of us who have no such guilt are made to feel their pain.  Obama's anti imperialist mindset, Communist parentage, grand-parentage, and mentor-ship is at the heart of making Americans pay for all the perceived wrongs of the world.