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Friday, October 22, 2004

Campaign of Hate

Old news that never got published.

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Not quite sure what I think now...I'm amazed and dismayed by what I hear Democrats saying about an act of kindness and sympathy. "Hell, it's his fault her mother died in the World Trade Center" said of President Bush when he was told of Ashley in the crowd. I don't think they are actually living on the same planet I am. I don't remember Mr. Bush being at the controls of either of the jets as the dove into the WTC on September 11th. Nor do I remember him stamping thier visas allowing them entry to the country. So in no way is he culpable in this mess. Stop fingerpointing and FIX IT! Stop obstructing. Plug the damn holes NOW, THEN we figure out how to allow regular thugs and criminals to circumvent the law. Stop whining about the Patriot Act, sure it needs to be tweaked, but it's doing the trick right now. So quit it!

He's declared war on a dictator who uses WMD on his own people and wouldn't allow the rest of the world in to check make sure he wouldn't use them on anyone else. He was playing games and would be playing games today if the US didn't act with decisiveness and cause. If the hand wringers at the UN had thier way, we would be passing resoloution 1499 right about now condemning Saddam Hussein for is shifty evil ways and hamstringing weapons inspectors. Not fighting terrorists outside the bounds of our country, where your children and spouses go about daily life without the every day violence that occurs in Iraq. We chose the battlefield...Iraq, Afghanistan, instead of New York or Pennsylvania, or California, or Florida. That is a major part of strategy choosing your own battlefield, where the emotional and political impact is lessened at home and the military can get on with the job of killing terrorists WHERE THEY ARE! Not HERE. Am I the only one in America that sees this?