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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not because he's black

I don’t’ dislike Obama because he’s black, I dislike him because he’s a destructive communist elitist who hates America. Apologizing, overspending, narcissistic, nepotistic, backpedalling, lying, verbose, condescending, uppity (yes I said uppity, look it up.) Trying to score points to stay elected by handing out largesse that he had nothing to do with creating and does not exist. Liberals would have you believe that the Bush/Gore election was stolen by a Bush loyal (Catherine Harris) at the board of elections in Florida then run by his brother Governor Jeb Bush. This is one incident that warranted inspection and judgment by the US Supreme Court. Acorn who has offices in every state of the union and more than one office in more populous states, hasn’t even been investigated at the Federal level (anybody smell an Eric Holder?)

I really suspect he is something other than what he says he is. The birth certificate is one big question that has yet to be answered, and no I am not on the crazy train. I just know the requirements for the job, and haven’t seen any evidence that he fits the bill. I have seen evidence contrary to the Constitution Article 2, Section 1.