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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Stuff

I'm all over the place today.

     Charlie Sheen overpaid kook. The only thing separating him from Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears is money. He has, they don't. I say, let the law have him. If I behaved that way I'd be in jail awaiting prison. Isn't cocaine possession and use illegal? Isn't beating your wife illegal? Isn't child endangerment illegal?

     Obama's lack of leadership is abysmal. Again politicians without any military service are dictating a military action. No clear objective, surrendering control to NATO and European commanders. No Fly? No Clue! Our president didn't move until the Arab league gave the okee dokey to keep Quadaffi from murdering his own populace.

     That's leadership. Brazil? What the hell is he doing in Brazil when there needs to be some real leadership from his office. Granted Air Force One and her crew can do everything that his HUGE apparatus can do at the White House. But at least from the World perspective he needs to appear to be doing something more that shilling for his buddy George Soros who owns a huge piece of Petrobras (Brazilian Petrol). Obama is patting them on the back for drilling in the ocean while forbidding any drilling in ours. Ensuring huge profits for his buddy George. Kill the search for American oil, where the investment isn't and laud the search and production of oil in Brazil where the investment IS. Can I make that any clearer?

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has boarded another ship off the coast of Egypt. The Liberian flagged ship bound for Alexandria was carrying 50 tonnes of ordinance and arms for Hamas from Iran. Indisputable. All this again under the guise of "Free Gaza".
      A known terrorist organization. Though it might've started as a true relief organization, it has been subverted by Islamic Extremists, and terrorists sic Bernadine Dorhan and Michael Ayers, both convicted anti Israel terrorists.

     Hillary Clinton has shown more balls that our president. How is that possible? Oh yeah she keeps Bill's balls in her pocket nowadays.

SEIU should now be characterized as a terrorist organization. Audio tape of Steven Lerner speaking at a leftist conference, outlining how they will target and take down J.P. Morgan and then Wall street, by dint of massive stoppage of mortgage payments nationwide. Or at least by union members, which has apparently a large enough following or membership to cause the effect they are looking for....hmm the real agenda of unions comes out. End capitalism and start communism.  WHERE IS ERIC HOLDER?