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Friday, March 20, 2009

New news is old news

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This information was released on February 2nd. Did anyone hear it on the news? Was it touched on in the "morning brief"? Probably touched on, but certainly not deemed newsworthy by our friends in the Media.
I guess there are only a few of us paying attention. While we are whining and complaining (rightly so) about the Porkulus Stimulus package and the bad behavior of elected officials (see, Dodd, Frank) our President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, has been having one over on us. It seems he is giving our enemies the fast track for entry to the U.S., along with a nice bonus of 20.3 million dollars (chump change right?); this in a memorandum to Hillary Clinton to relieve hardship by those poor terrorists being bombed into the stone age by Israel. Which side of the fence are we on? I certainly hope when Israel finally gets fed up with Iran's threats to "wipe them off the face of the earth", and Israel eradicates the pests, we (I mean the Federal Government) won't side with the Islamic terrorists. Netanyahu's recent election means pretty much that Israel is girding for war. They want a patriot in place when Iran sends CBM's into Israel; one that will withstand world opinion when they preemptively strike the numerous nuclear facilities.
One more on a growing list of outrages this president has precipitated.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Democrat Sleight of Hand

The power Rush Limbaugh wields is in his voice. He illuminates with clarity and humor; edifies with parable and comparison, and blandishes with parody.
Amazing that, while we are in such dire straits with the war in Iraq, (Oh yeah? Do we still have soldiers in harm's way?) and true economic catastrophe looming, the leaders of this great nation have time to notice and spend air time pointing fingers at a talk radio host--a man not elected and not electable.
Are we being duped yet again? Are we still watching the left hand while the right lifts our wallets?

The simple answer is yes.

Another blind. More subterfuge. Does anybody see a pattern? The Obama administration, along with some other very smart people, (i.e. George Stephanopolous, who is still working for the Democrat machine via daily conference calls with the leadership, while holding the position in ABC News as a "political commentator", not labeled honestly as the liberal stooge he is). In addition to James Carville, arguably the meanest man on retainer for the DNC.

The news seems to ignore select issues such as the already broken promises by Obama, Pelosi and Reid, the unholy mess that is the Stimulus package and the respective earmarks, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act that has nothing to do with the economy, or the lack of the much touted transparency and bipartisanship.

Republicans were not even, allowed to see the text of the bill until 9 hours before being required to vote on the floor.
What kind of good faith and transparency is this? There is more transparency in the Gambino crime families' affairs.
Did anyone see the earmark for the expansion of funding for ACORN. Or the 9 Billion dollars to assist high risk or dishonest borrowers out of the mess they made by buying more house than they could afford. I think new home owners should be required to take a class to ensure understanding of the financial terminology such as “Adjustable Rate Mortgage”and consequences before they fix their signatures.

The existing media continues to turn a blind eye to such things as the 500 Million dollar loan requested by the FDIC. Who says the banks are fine? Am I the only one watching? Meanwhile, Rome burns.