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Monday, December 29, 2014

Walmart Supports Al Sharpton's National Action Network

Below is a letter I wrote to Walmart regarding their support of NAN and my opposition to it.
Enjoy or not.

Walmart Corporate

To whom it may concern,

Walmart's support of Al Sharpton's National Action Network is abhorrent. Rev. Sharpton's incitement and goading of the residents of Ferguson Missouri is well documented. He shoulders most of the responsibility for the assaults and looting in Ferguson, and all of the responsibility for the murders of the two policemen in New York City.
This man and his organization has been on the wrong side of EVERY issue addressing the peaceful resolution to EVERY crisis regarding race and perceived wrongdoing. Your support of the NAN must stop. I don't know every organization Walmart contributes to, but this is one of which you must divest. I get diversity, and why it must be encouraged by companies, but this organization is subversive, disruptive and against societal order. The main rabble rouser Sharpton is at the apex of NAN.
I will forward to EVERYONE I KNOW that your company supports NAN and explain what NAN is and does. Then leave it up to that person's conscience as to whether they will continue patronage of your stores. I for one will not darken your doorway unless and until you divest yourself from NAN with a public statement of why they are no longer deserving of your largesse.

Sincerely a former patron,

                                       Kenneth A. Jenkins USAF Ret.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Election Notes

 I was working on this prior to election time, but a family emergency delayed its publishing.  Apologies.  

   At election time we NEED to remember that the government "shutdown" was worsened by the actions of the White House.  Why? To make YOU feel the pain.  The shutdown's original intent was to reign in out of control spending.  That is not hyperbole.  Anyone who looks critically at the spending habits of Congress must see that there is a serious problem in both parties.  Even the bill that got our government started again had pork barrel spending in it from BOTH parties.  That is, extraneous garbage put in the spending bill for, not the best interest of Americans, but self interested lobbyists,  friends and campaign donors.  THIS in a singular piece of legislation to get our nation restarted.  Why are we not storming the halls of Congress? Impeaching those who are in breach of their oath of office.  Tea party activists are incensed by members of Congress (MoC), who have no fiscal responsibility, or economic mindset.  They apparently don’t know whose money they are spending.  Or if they do, they just don’t care.  Every MoC we send to D.C. should be elected with a look toward: the Constitutionality of a given piece of legislation.  Assessing it's worthiness. Self assessment is a prerequisite for the job. He or she needs to ask the questions: am I being a good steward of the nations’ and my constituents taxes?  Does it fit in the budget?  The last is absolutely necessary.  We must elect Congress with the understanding that there will be an Amendment for a Balanced Budget.  Continuing Resolution that has an added trillion dollars is not only ludicrous it should be illegal.  Obamacare should be repealed.  It has put, or WILL put millions more people out of work.  It will break what wasn’t in need of fixing.
     There was malicious intent in the closure of the WWII monument and the Pennsylvania site of United Airlines flight 175 crash.  While at the very same time Pelosi and Reid held a rally for illegal immigrants using the National Park assets that were removed from our national monuments. This administration has a history of casually and intentionally inflicting pain.  I think the people who elected this bunch of sado-masochists to office must be exorcizing the guilt they have for the slaves their ancestors might've had, used or seen on the street.  In so doing, those of us who have no such guilt are made to feel their pain.  Obama's anti imperialist mindset, Communist parentage, grand-parentage, and mentor-ship is at the heart of making Americans pay for all the perceived wrongs of the world.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Just watched the ad. Amazed is one word. Another is fabrication. Trayvon was a stoner thug who picked the wrong guy to jump. George Zimmerman didn't reach for his gun until after his head was being bounced off of the concrete. Self Defense isn't Stand Your Ground. Both of which are sound doctrine against thuggery. The only motivation for an ad like this must be protection of the perpetrator. A more pliant victim makes easier prey and a happier safer thug. Which it really is about...happiness and safety for the thug.

Visit the Official Who is John Galt? Movie Web Site!

     “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
― Thomas Jefferson, Complete Jefferson

Friday, March 07, 2014

Gird Your Loins

Note: I hope Jesus comes before all this happens. But, no man can know. So be ready. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

As the Obama agenda is more clearly realized, the Constitution more thoroughly trampled and proportionally opposed, there will be more rancor, more staunch opposition. How that opposition will manifest itself, I dare not speculate. Not necessarily by Congress or lobbyists but the core of America. We are the *frog boil'd. (This will foreshadow the revolution in this nation. I see it coming closer and closer. The drumbeat of regime change here in America is sounding louder. When the climax will occur, I cannot foresee. But sure as the sun rises in the East, its coming. However, I do know what will occur short of revolution.

1) The collapse of the dollar. Ushering in the New World Order's one currency with scrip being produced in the interim.
2) a devastating attack on the American homeland...

From whom? Most likely the attack will come from one of three nation/states; Iran foremost, Pakistan or North Korea.

How? Probably nuclear, either EMP or ground level. Evidence is: Recent incursions by Iranian ships in US and international waters is testing capabilities, monitoring and response. I suspect they have minimal radioactive materials abroad to find out if they can get a stronger source of radioactivity closer to the US before being detected. With the end game getting a nuclear tipped warhead perhaps, a dirty bomb maybe over the US or a dirty bomb into a major city (doubtful due to Iran's advanced uranium refinement).
3) Race/class riots. Obama and Holder has stirred the pot, given resources to our enemies within and without the nation.
4) Widespread food shortages, and power outages. Concurrently or separately or in different combination.

6) Suspension of the Constitution and all elections. Pending Executive Order from above.

7) Christian persecution will be rampant, God will be removed from all government; Federal, State and local.

In the short term, we may have a few years before this happens, but I doubt it. I can foretell what will happen in the midterm elections and the next final Presidential election if it's allowed to happen.
We are going to have the media shove Hillary Clinton down our throats in the upcoming Presidential election. We will have and are already having conservatives sidelined in the midterms. Tea Party organizations are already silenced by the IRS through regulatory restriction. This will continue because both the Demoncrats and establishment Republicans want the Tea Party to go away.
True conservatives have no power in DC. Ted Cruz' power resides in the people, as does Rand Paul's. They are marginalized by media as crack pots and obstructionists. The liberals control the media and the education system from K- College. The Communists control all the unions. There was a time when they would be outed and deported or jailed. They continue to be a threat by teaching our children to accept a world without God, and to hate America, (hate America first). They encourage non-thinking adults to join the Teachers Union, AFL/CIO, SEIU and the UAW, pushing them to the polls to vote for whoever will do the most damage to America.

Obama and foreign policy go together like potatoes and panty hose. Below is just a smattering of the plethora of failures by Obama, Clinton and Kerry. I haven't, nor will I touch Israel and his neglect and animus. I will save that for a sole entry.

Cuba. His inattention is abysmal. While we were frittering away any strategic advantage we ever had in the Caribbean, Obama let Russia place Medium Range Nuclear Missiles in Cuba. He has allowed to enter without challenge, a Russian spy ship into the Port of Havana, 90 miles from Key West, Florida.

Iran. Abysmal doesn't come close to his failure. Valerie Jarret (of Iranian descent, with a back channel to the Ayatollah) whispers in Obama's ear to pull sanctions without concessions. That's what we've done and we and Israel will pay for it. Iranian ships off our shores? There was a time when they would have been challenged, and possibly sunk...mysteriously.

Syria. Sending money to Hezbollah in Israel feeds Al-Qaeda in Syria. Iran supplies war goods to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. Saudi Arabia does the same for the rebels, some of whom are Al Queda. Obama lost face when he allowed Vlad Putin to subvert his mission, purported to punish those who used chemical weapons against 1300 people. I never understood how killing 1300 people with chemicals was worse than killing 100,000 with bullets and artillery. Kinda makes you go...hmm.

Egypt. He backed the wrong horse again. Obama said that the Arab Spring revolution that placed Mohammed Morsi in power was legitimate. The Egyptian people rebelled when he scrapped their Constitution. He and State have yet to announce and back the voice of the majority in Egypt. I hope the freedom-loving people of Egypt realize Obama is not America, nor American.

Ukraine. The Ukrainian people will be denied, much like real Egyptians were, for he is again backing the wrong side. While publicly for the Ukraine, his token sabre rattling, is just that.  Token sabre rattling.  One guided missile destroyer and six fighter jets.  Yeah, that'll show them.  This minuscule action is basically turning our back on Ukraine.  Makes me think Obama is a Bilderberger. Every step Obama has made on the stage of foreign policy and statecraft has been wrong. Not surprising with John Kerry at the helm of State and Obama leading from behind.

Poland. Hung out to dry. Poles expecting a promised missile shield to protect them from a potential nuclear Iran and bad intent on the Russki's part, were let down and betrayed. Obama struck the deal from the table, never to be heard of again. Our media was complicit in keeping this from the headlines.

Iraq. All the hard won gains by America and the Iraqis have been lost. The blood spilled was done in vain. With Obama's campaign promise of an American absence in Iraq, the subversive elements from Iran and Yemen in Iraq are being armed by North Korea. To exert what? Not a different kind of government. I think just to foster chaos. Tough luck Iraqis. We knocked out Iraq's leadership, the Baath party and much of the infrastructure. Not saying that was a bad thing. Should've been done in 1991. However because we have a change of leadership in the U.S., that doesn't relieve us of the responsibility we had (have) in Iraq to ensure their safety and a smooth transition to a form of government free from violent coercion.

China. He is so out-classed here. The financial war was fought and won long before Obama took over, probably when George H.W. Bush was still in office. But he as done more to ensure our enslavement to China than all presidents of our history COMBINED.

Japan. His overtures and commitments he feels to Japan are quite sadly non-existent. They are a brave and industrious people. He has done nothing to better our relationship with this country.
Venezuela. One of his first trips as President was to Venezuela. Then Socialist President Hugo Chavez took the opportunity to thumb his nose at us and belittle the US by giving Obama a book touting America's exploitation of Central and South America. One of many digs, Chavez gave Obama and by proxy, the US. Chavez allowed Iran to fly multiple 747's loaded with unknown cargo into military airports. Chavez, as an aside, offered those same airports to service aircraft for Russia.

Brazil. Evo Morales and Dilma Roussef are cut from the same cloth, close buds with Chavez, and share a common politik; Marxism known for oil, marijuana, coca, crime and prostitutes. (Sounds almost like Russia). Obama has done more for Petrobras and his buddy George Soros than for America, paying off his campaign and media contributors.

South/Central America. Obama has ignored Central American countries, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Just simply ignored them. While China has pumped billions of yuan into the economies. Making friends of them and beholden.

Mexico. Immigrants are the lifeblood of the Demoncrat party. Liberals rain money and citizenship on anyone who made it to America illegally, ahead and above any other country. They are simply buying votes and ensuring a Demoncrat for life.

Where is a true American to stand in this mess? With the hijacked Demoncrat party? No. The Republican party who doesn't know who it is they are there to represent? So not them. Independent? Libertarian? There aren't enough numbers in either group to be a valid third party yet. I see it coming. The Demoncrats have alienated a large portion of their base by adopting a progressive, far left, socialist and communist agenda. The Republicans in name only (RINO), have become less conservative and more progressive. Supposedly to appeal to a larger segment of the population. A population who has become more like cows and sheep than the educated men and women needed to build and maintain a vibrant republic.

An impassioned remedy is needed. I think this Republic will fail in short order. But America will rebuild. What form will the rebuilding take? Kalifornia should be struck from the union. I don't' think there are enough people who love America and her Constitution living there to make it salvageable. If there are enough patriots there to take back government from those who would keep it on the path to destruction, then and only then, could there be grace for them. I think secession then reformation may be the only way to survive the coming catastrophe.  

*Synopsis: Tossed in boiling water a frog will jump out. Slowly turn up the heat the frog will stay in till it's too late. So when I refer to “the boiled frog”, I'm talking about Americans for whom it's too late.