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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I ♥ Huckabee!

11/28/2007 CNN
Regarding tonight's debate. I was Amazed! I saw the same debate that Anderson Cooper and his cohorts at CNN did, yet I didn't draw the same conclusions. Hmmm....wonder why? Is it because the agenda for CNN is different that normal people? Yup, probably. While immigration was the lead subject and there were a couple of questions about gays in the military, the latter certainly didn't "lead debate battle lines". What did lead were fiscal responsibility, Iraq and how loony Ron Paul really is. He couldn't address a question about immigration without saying we need to "bring the troops home". What a kook. Bring the troops home and the day we leave Iraq becomes part of Iran, and blood will run like a river through the streets. But for God's sake don't answer the question.
Mike Huckabee should be ouer President, with either Fred Thompson or Duncan Hunter as VP. I ♥ Huckabee!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

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Proposals by the Democrat party:

Socialized Health Care. We have abundant examples of the failure of Socialized Health Care. Canada for one, has a waiting list of 6 months for a choleosystectomy (gall bladder removal). All sorts of horror stories are coming from the UK, where people are left to die in hallways and not discovered for days. Russia has no health care to speak of, and that is the end of the track to which socialized health care is heading.
That is not to say that US hospitals are immune from neglect. There is a push and shove between hospitals, HMO's, Big Insurance, lawyers and congress, none of which can agree on tort reform which is the essence of the problem. Lawyers not only charge exorbitant fees for plaintiffs in medical malpractice, they go after huge awards of which there is no ceiling. This has a domino effect requiring doctors to either charge more for their services or quit doctoring altogether, as is the case with many OB/Gyn doctors and Emergency Room physicians.

Here is the calculus:

1.Lawyers are scum, they own Washington and comprise most of the public offices. If they are not in office they have tons of friends in office.
2.Lawyers get their way because they have friends in office or are in office themselves. (So for the foreseeable future there will probably be no tort reform).
3.Lawyers love malpractice suits where people die, they see dollar signs. They go to sleep with dollar signs with big boobs dancing seductively in their dreams. Jury's' who will see family members sobbing always award big bucks. Poor Billy Bob who smoked for 30 years died of cancer. Then we see the family wanting some money because he was addicted to cigarettes and died of the habit. You don't see heroin addicts going after Afghani farmers, or cocaine addicts going after Columbian importers.
Litigiousness is out of control. Daisy BB Guns sued because their product shoots bb's. Lawsuits are pursued against Jack Daniels because their product inebriates people, so the COMPANY is at fault. Personal responsibility is what the whole shebang boils down to. It doesn't exist anymore. It's not taught by a great measure of our population. It's no longer espoused as the honorable thing to do. When you do something wrong or stupid, own up to it. Or as the kids say “Man Up”.

Admissions I'd like to hear are:

Cigarette Smokers - “I knew cigarettes would kill me, but I didn't care. I liked the way they made me feel.”
Burglars – “I know I shouldn't steal, and that man had every right to shoot me in the ass as I made off with his stuff.”
Murderers – “I knew I shouldn't a killed that woman, and I deserve to die because of it.”
Members of Congress – “I know I've taken money from bad people to do their bidding in Congress, but I promise from now on I'll work for the people.”
Brittany Spears – “I need parenting class and an island where I can't get high.”
Alan Colmes – “I'm a liberal and I need HELP!”
Alcoholics – “I know I'm a drunk, but nobody forces me to drink. I'm just a self destructive SOB.”
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – “I'm a kook and a lawyer and I need to be put out of your misery.”
Ted Kennedy – “I'm a drunk lawyer and a liberal and I need to be put out of your misery.”
Hillary Clinton- “You wouldn't even know me if it weren't for my philandering ex-President of a husband. You shouldn't even elect me dog catcher.”

Immigration will be the deciding factor in the 2008 elections. Border security is a joke, always has been.
People in the legislative and executive branch are guilty of collusion with Mexico and Big Business to keep the flow of cheap labor coming. That's why there is all this foot dragging. No brain surgery there. They just lie, tell us one thing and do another.

In the same vein, (National Security) the Iraq war needs to be won, pulling out is exactly what we did in Viet Nam. We put our boys and girls in harms way to do a job and if the Dems get their way, we will bring them home before it's done, only to have to fight it here. Makes me sad and angry: Sad, because there will be the same sense of futility for our Iraqi veterans that our Viet Nam vets feel. Angry, because I know there will be MUCH more bloodshed by terrorists bent on killing Westerners that could have been averted if we'd only stayed and done the job. It's the ebb and flow of hawks and doves, Republicans and Democrats.

The Fairness Doctrine is anything but fair. It's censorship plain and simple. It would affect radio both AM and FM, TV, public speaking, church pulpits, soap boxes, and blogs. But you can bet your behind that the already liberal media will be considered moderated already and exempted from this doctrine. Since when is it Congresses business to be watchdog of AM radio, Media Matters who gets it's marching orders from George Soros and other liberals has gone after Rush Limbaugh with claw hammers, by taking one paragraph totally out of context, and exploiting it to revive this stinking carcass called the Fairness Doctrine. Not only should this law be buried, but cremated and it's ashes scattered on the nearest dairy farm along with all the other BS.

Again, another semi- coherent rant. A lot is happening, and fast. Fasten your seat belts it's going to be a scary ride to the '08 elections.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Putin and Ahmadinijad

Why is Russia supplying Iran with Nuclear technology? Why is Russia supplying Syria with weapons? Granted, they are cash-strapped, twisting arms in Belarus and Azerbaijan, and holding Europe hostage all as a result of the mob (see KGB/GRU) running the government... not because of the lack of capitalism. The capitalists went to Russia in droves after communism fell in 1989, and started to make some money back on investments but soon found that the "good ole boys" network was now translated into Russian. If you didn't grease the right palms or pay the right bureaucrat you didn't get to do business there. The evil people of the Communist regime are still around and they are making and selling arms and technology to our enemies. Just ask Alexander Litvinenko ....oh, I guess you can't. Well we can always depend on a free and independent media to uncover governmental misdeeds, just ask Anna Politkovskaya...oh, I guess you can't ask her either. She and Alexander are in a tea room in heaven. Apparently "Seeing his (Putin's) soul" doesn't translate to watching his hands sticking knives in your back. It appears Russia’s biggest export is thugs. Poor GWB wants to believe people have the best intentions, except when they tell you they want you dead, (see Ahamdinejad). Why does no one believe him? Hell, I do. And I think he should be dead instead of me and my family.
In a country where such things are done with no accountability, no oversight, or maybe with official oversight, what else can we expect? We see governmental misconduct unchecked by any official committee or watchdog group, unless you count Human Rights Watch, which turns a blind eye to anyone but the United States and GITMO. How do you reign in a strong member of the UN Security Council who is in cahoots with China on policy for oil and nuclear proliferation? You don't. The old question "where does a 900 lb gorilla sit?" fits. They still have the brain power to export their expertise to other countries without the all encumbering conscience that should go with it. We have a program to basically buy Russian nuclear weapons paying Russia not to sell their nukes to other bad guys, but apparently we are lowest bidder (terrorists pay more). We've got our fingers in so many holes in the dike, that we need to take off our shoes and use our toes.. Admitting Israel into NATO is a good start letting those who would do harm know how civilized nations feel (getting Muslim-influenced Europe on board will be a chore). It also has the consequence of propping up the only Democracy in the Middle East. This should be done sooner rather than later. Enough kowtowing to Syria and Iran and now Lebanon, the only thing they understand is destruction and superior force. Pelosi has undermined US policy in the Middle East the same way Kennedy did with Russia when Regan was in office. Just a rant. Sorry I’ll be more coherent in the future.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Petraeus' Testimony

More behind the scenes manipulation by the Democreants in Congress. Dem staffers at the behest of the Democrat leadership allowed Code Pink protesters into the hearing to shout absurdities, while Democrat panel members attacked the integrity of General Petraeus, and by proxy, all military members. To think that battlefield judgments and questions of loyalty would be colored by US politics is absurd. It goes against everything that is ingrained and taught to US officers. The New York Slimes, and fired another salvo for the insanely liberal by printing “General Betrayus” in an advert. What do these morons truly believe is the motive for us being in Iraq? Money, oil, power? Possibly, in the political arena where congressmen and women play. But Generals are unique creatures; required to dip into the cesspool that American politics has deteriorated into… generals get muddy. But by the very act of Congress that made him or her an officer, he or she is condemned by those same congressmen as having another agenda other than the security of the United States and its National interests. Securing the freedom of a new republic for Iraqis and bringing home soldiers safe should be the mandate.
Petraeus spoke truthfully about the gains and setbacks since the “Surge”. Politics (both Iraqi and US) has failed them. Not the military action, but the failure of politicians in Iraq to come to an agreement on how to govern the country.
Democratic Republics are sometimes born overnight, but are never secured overnight. There is continual push and shove by those who would have freedom and those who would take it away. Iraqis have been under the rule of a dictatorship for decades and are now thrust into an arena with which they are unfamiliar. Old tribal loyalties outweigh the rule of the majority. A similar drama is being played out in Afghanistan. Religion... Islam is the knife in the back of Iraq's new republic. While Muqtada al Sadr's Mehdi army has called a truce, the Iranian-supported Shiite insurgents and outside fighters from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Jordan, will continue to foment violence within Iraq until the people of Iraq are tired of the fighting.
The Iraqi media is being told that it's the coalition forces killing Iraqi civilians, when it's almost always Arabs killing Persians killing Arabs. After a while, the people of Iraq may begin to see that it's not advantageous for them to quarter these murderers and terrorists and show them the door. You can't have freedom when according to the Koran certain people are either second class citizens (dhimmi), infidels, who must be killed, or taxed jizya if they want to practice their own religion. A government based on this kind of inequality is either doomed to failure or will be exploited by the killers and murderers who flock to this Islam and grasp it's more militant and extreme views.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"D" is for Dummy

Listening to my local AM radio today, I was struck by a caller into Rush's show who has a son in Iraq. He asked, "Why isn't there more outrage?" about Harry Reid's typical comments about the war. (I say typical because I expect nothing else from this poor excuse for an elected official of the US Government.) Rush opined that the lack of outrage was because the "drive-by media" didn't think it to be newsworthy, and I believe he's right. Calls for cutting and running are rampant by those in the media and Democrats in Congress. Obviously, it no longer merits news coverage. I AM outraged; not just by his comments but by disregarding pertinent news for the bloodbath of the day, whether it's the tragedy at Virginia Tech or a homicide bomber in Baghdad. I'm not suggesting that the media not devote time to tragedies but how about coverage commensurate with importance? We have seen the media in a saliva-covered frenzy over Anna Nicole's death and subsequent child paternity issues. Granted, its bad that she died, but it won't affect US foreign policy, unless fewer US citizens visit the Bahamas or Seminole casinos because of it. You would expect such comments out of Cindy Sheehan or Sean Penn, but not an elected US Senator and Majority Leader. It is without a doubt giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Saying that America has already lost the war, and that any further effort on our part is futile, tells our enemy, along with a guaranteed redeployment date, that all they have to do is wait until November of 2008 regardless.

John McCain is paying for his now stalwart stance in backing up the President's policy regarding the Iraq war, when he should be lauded. It seems that this once, Republican in name only has come back to the fold, and I welcome him. We need more warriors and less wimps in this all important war on our way of life. We need stronger backbones not limp wrists. We need the Red, White and Blue flag, not the white alone. Our men and women in theater know this and are dismayed and undermined by Harry's speech and others like him. This is NOT the time when we should be tearing down those that would protect us. I liken this to Dick Durbin who said that American interrogators at Guantanamo were like Nazis. What is accomplished by rhetoric like this, other than tearing down the US warriors in the field? Political points scored for the excuse of a good sound bite do more damage than they know, or maybe they know exactly how much damage is done and are doing it because or in spite of it. I suggest Harry Reid go to Iraq and tell those men and women to their faces that they are fighting a lost cause and have in fact already lost the war. The term "Fragged" suddenly comes to mind: a term John Kerry should be familiar with.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stuff you should know

You would think that someone so supposedly concerned with our troops and our overseas presence would want all the information he or she could garner concerning those assets. Mrs. Pelosi's snubbing of Gen. Petraus' briefing, will be seen by the far left as just desserts for a Bush crony, while the rest of the world will know it for what it is....sour grapes, and an unwillingness to deal with the real issues on the ground in the Middle East. Her recent trip to Damascus, not withstanding; for that is another means of manipulation for another time (see previous post). Here is another example of the Democrat Speaker of the House ignoring national security interests for political gain....again! Her actions continue to score points with a constituency ever more shrill and unbalanced. Those who would be influenced by international powerhouses and mental masters of political affairs like Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and Susan Sarandon, somehow always seem to be close to the camera and microphone. I wish my hand were on the plug so I could pull it when they start.
Harry Reid. What can be said about Harry that hasn't already been said more eloquently by others? Nothing much, but perhaps it's time for a not so eloquent enumeration of his major flaw: He's anti-American. Period. How else could you describe the Senate Majority Leader speaking for the MAJORITY, telling our enemies not to worry, because "we are losing the war"? He's not just telling our enemies but our allies and our troops. Granted, our enemies and our "allies" (emphasis added) need no such encouragement, for our allies are besieged by liberals within their own government and their own media dogs.
Compulsory military training would do away with the privileged existence of most of the liberal Democrat party. It would instill in them the necessary knowledge and experience to intelligently speak on subjects as elected leaders tasked with the lawful requirement to wage war. We who have served know that there are those that have slid by and have just "gotten along" in the military, though they are few, they usually get out after one hitch anyway. The numbers who would slide by would be exponentially smaller when boiled down in the political pot from which we select our leaders.
The removal of our troops from this conflict before the job is done will be catastrophic will resonate globally. It will embolden the Islamofacists, whether they are American, Arabic, Indonesian, African or European. It will have such a devastating effect on the morale of our troops, which we would be unlikely to recover from. Incidentally, it is markedly high now, considering the number of attacks they receive from the enemies in Iraq, within the US government and media. It will undermine our national credibility in doing what we promised by bringing democracy to a part of the world desperately in need of fair government. Our nearness to Iran is another reason why we should retain a presence there. While Ahmedinajad is pursuing his nuclear ambitions, contrary to every civilized nation in the world, closer is better than farther.
When Israel finally decides that it’s had enough meddling by Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah and Hamas and bombs Iran back to the Stone Age after years of restraint, we will need those troops in place. The United States, Israel's only ally, will need to be close by to keep the hordes from descending. Our "new sheriff in town" Pelosi and her brood don't seem to understand this. Even Syria understands this, that's why it is making such an effort in bamboozling Pelosi. Saudi Arabia and their royal court mostly understand this, and are working behind the scenes because Iran's Shiite Islamic caliphate is not in their interests; though there are those within the Saudi government who are financing terrorism and Qutbist as well as Wahabbi style mosques. They, with fanatical smiles, would gladly bring about Armageddon. We should address directly those in other countries and Saudi Arabia proper, who are spreading hate and fomenting conflict throughout the world. Since they are operating with mosques in our country we should demand to operate churches in theirs. Though Christians who would readily go there as missionaries may be hard to come by, I know they exist. Nowhere is there a more hostile environment for religious differences than in countries that are predominantly Islamic.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pelosi In Syria

Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy are both guilty of trying to undermine a sitting President. Kennedy while Regan was in office went to Moscow to try and bolster his (Kennedy's) support with the Russians and further his anti Republican agenda by advising them that the Regan administration was only temporary and that the pesky "Star Wars" spending spree was only a phase. They could out wait it. Thanks to Ronald Regan sticking to his guns, they not only didn't out wait it, they fell under the economic pressure and the Communist regime of the USSR was no more. Much to Teddy's chagrin.
Pelosi on the other hand went to Syria to tell Bashar Assad that Israel and the US were ready to restart the peace process even though Hezbollah and Hamas were still being supplied arms by Syria and Iran. A precondition to resuming of peace talks with Israel i.e..that Syria renounce terrorism and quit supplying terrorist organizations and recognize Israeli s right to exist as a nation. She spoke half truths and outright lies, in saying that Israel was ready to resume the peace talks, and in the process undermined President Bush s dictum to not deal with State sponsors of terror until they renounce said sponsorship.
I have to ask the question. What does Speaker Pelosi think she is doing? Where do her loyalties lie? With the Democrat party and nowhere else. I seriously doubt that she is even loyal to Americans. Hiding behind our fear to not call Democrats on their patriotism can no longer be tolerated. Her trip to the Middle East was ill conceived in that she went on the pretense of diplomacy when she had no mandate and no plan to do it. She does not speak for the United States on any level other than to represent her Democrat underlings. She didn't speak to or retain anything from the primary players (i.e. Israel, and Iran). While she got the standard State Department briefing "wear hijab, walk 10 paces behind men, do not shake hands with men". There must've been no other prep..
Assad sat back and nodded knowingly because he knows he and his Secret Police are complicit in the assassination of Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri. She went with her own agenda and walked away with the satisfaction of thinking that she has taken a first step on the road to a great diplomatic career. The trip was a throw away. A non-trip. A boondoggle. She went with no other intention than to appear as a player on the international stage. She has no qualifications for the job, nor does she have the demeanor.
Placing herself in the role of subjugated female, Pelosi in the presence of President Assad by wearing a hijab, she not only denied her mission, she denied her country. I understand the need for assuming the attire and customs of a people being visited (i.e. shaking hands with the right hand because the left is unclean, not showing the soles of your feet for fear of insult). But Speaker Pelosi went to Syria with the supposed mission of representing the United States of America. And I m not sure but I doubt that she wears a hijab in the Senate building. Maybe she should wear one all the time so that we would know where her loyalties lie.
Syria is a major source for infiltration of foreign fighters across the borders into Iraq and most probably the destination for Saddam Hussein s weapons of mass destruction stockpiles. Does anybody remember over a hundred flights from Baghdad to Syria using Iranian aircraft with no manifests and no passengers? Did Speaker Pelosi speak to President Assad about these issues? The answer is decidedly no . She went there for her own glorification and no other reason other than to undermine a sitting President which she and her party abhor.

Friday, February 09, 2007

12 Minutes of Eye Opening Video

If you do nothing else today, educate yourself for the safety of your family and country. Watch this video. They are telling us what they are going to do. And I for one believe they will do it given a chance. It's up to you and me to stop them. We certainly can't rely on the appeasement policy of the EU or the UN nor the hand wringing of the majority party.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dems take the helm

I've wondered why I haven't felt like writing recently. Since the Democrats “won” this November I have to admit to being disheartened. It’s not apathy. It’s the shock. The shock of someone being told they have terminal cancer and there is nothing they can do about it. I choose to fight this cancer holistically, starting with myself and my beliefs. And do what I can to talk truth to anyone who will listen.

The greatest threat we face today is apathy toward our nation and her defense. A kind of rot from inside, where we believe we as Americans are wrong for breathing and guilty for our prosperity. We are what we are because of what we and our forefathers have believed. Sic God is the Creator to whom we are responsible, Jesus was His Son made flesh to die for our sins. There is but one way to get to heaven, but you get to choose….Heaven or Hell. Christians are good and have your soul in mind, and I will not apologize for it. Though the media and Hollywood would have you believe different.

At the same time, I am wondering where the Americans are. Where are the people who came here to survive tyranny or persecution and fight for what they believe? Where is the spirit of Sir Walter Raleigh “Work or Starve”, or Teddy Roosevelt’s “America for Americans”. Where are the people who believe God, Country and Family? That abortion on demand is wrong, and that you should own a gun to protect your family, yourself and community, form a ready militia when disasters like Katrina and our recent tornadoes occur, or at least not stand in my way when I want to.

I believe some Americans are silent by order of law, those in the military would have a lot to say if there wasn’t a prohibition on speaking out. Where are the people who crave freedom enough to work for it? They apparently don’t live here anymore, or they are silent. I choose to believe the latter, or else my bags would be packed for somewhere else.

We’ve elected people who want to take the lives of children, take away your right to protect yourself and your family,tax you and give your money to those who won’t work for it. We’ve elected people who are deferring an imminent treat, that of militant Islam and those that would threaten us here at home and abroad.

I’m all for helping people who can no longer help themselves. I’m one of them… a disabled vet. But, I don’t like taking money that I haven’t earned. I may be entitled to it but, I can see no other way around it, for the sake of my family. To be trite, a hand up is not a hand out.

The Democrats and their “vote for us and we'll continue the dole” mentality, the mentality of Americans and immigrants who have both hands extended for freebies but won't dig themselves out of a hole without “government” help.

I have the sneaking suspicion that the Democrats are complicit in the decline of everything I hold dear; namely, my family, my country and countrymen, my God, and the office of the President which they view with rancor and disdain. I have been watching the Democrats take office with the same dread as I've been watching viral videos of cars sliding inexorably downhill on ice towards other cars and pedestrians, with audio of a woman saying “I have three children in my car” as she watches SUV’s careen into piles of crushed metal.

Do we think the main threat to America is a President who wants to protect his nation? The Democrats would have you think so. They would have you believe that a terror fighting tactic of listening to terrorists phone calls is “domestic surveillance”…..WHAT? They are Terrorists calling Terrorists for God’s sake. Not my Aunt Sally exchanging recipes with my Mom. They are listening in to protect us, not to entrap us. The NY Times needs to close shop and stick to printing the Daily Shopper. Pelosi, Schumer, Reed, Levin and Rangel would have us believe that they've accomplished enough bills in “the first 100 hours” to justify the American people’s faith shown by electing them. They've done nothing, and God help us when they do. They've indicated that they would not confirm John Bolton in his post at the UN; where he’s done the most good of any UN Ambassador since Jean Kirkpatrick.

  • Iran is more in need of evangelism than any nation on earth. But just try to get a Bible across the border, same way with our friends Saudi Arabia.

  • Palestine was an area of desert inhabited by nomads. When Israel became a nation Arabs from Jordan, Syria, and surrounding countries came to Israel for work, then magically became Palestinians.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu has an excellent grasp on the situation in Israel. Enemies on all sides, eroding support from America, no support from the UN at all, since countries such as Indonesia and Qatar have seats on the Security Council.

  • Burgeoning fuel hungry China and cash poor Russia are out for their own good not the good of the world.

  • North Korea’s dictatorship will not last much longer, someone will kill off Kim Jong Il, as will be the case of newly elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
In our endeavors to be all inclusive and politically correct we have allowed the enemy to come within our borders, if they weren't born here. The UK is having horrible homegrown terrorist problems as we have had, ala Timothy McVeigh. Great Britain would do well to remember who they are or better, who they were. World War II made most Britons realize their identity and loyalty, but in the 50 years since, they have lost it to a liberal agenda. In our magnanimous attempt to include everyone under the umbrella of our democracy and prosperity, we, (by "we" I mean the Western world) have spoilt the soup. We don't need an external enemy to destroy us, they are already among us.