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Friday, September 16, 2016

Open Letter: Boycott the NFL and it's Sponsors

     Just wanted to let you know how real Americans feel about this. I'm a veteran and frequent the VA hospital, where I'm in frequent contact with other vets. To a man (woman), they ALL feel the ridiculous displays by NFL players is HIGHLY disrespectful of America and Sponsorship is tacit approval of this abhorrent behaviour. Again, they ALL have started to boycott through cancellation of NFL cable packages, and refusal to purchase tickets,a and deciding not to purchase from or patronize sponsors.  Unless and until the NFL stands up for America by fining or suspending the players who disrespect America, the flag or National Anthem, the boycott will continue. 
    Education of these athletes in actual crime statistics, actual incidents of white or police harassment or brutality should be mandatory.  Even the stupidest athlete passed on by colleges should be able to grasp the truth. In other words...STAND UP AND DO THE RIGHT DAMN THING! This should be glaringly apparent even to the political correctness idiots within your organisations. 
     When you see it affecting your bottom line, maybe you will begin to notice. Overpaid athletes whining about how bad and evil America is, rings hollow. So in closing,until the horseshit ends, you will be hemorrhaging viewers, customers and  fans. A blind person can see this. But you apparently have the goggles of political correctness on.