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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not Really Tired of it.....yet

O.K. I thought I'd be jaded and tired of speaking out about our government, (or lack thereof) but as I sit back and watch what is happening to our laws, schools, economy, foreign policy, military, health care, how can I remain silent? The better question is: how can YOU remain silent? When will you see that you've been sold a bill of goods.

Spending is not the way out of debt. When you have a bad loan that you default on, make the best terms possible with the bank and agree on a repayment plan. You don't get to write it off and say “Oh well. I won't have to pay this back, and I can still live in my house because...the Prez will take care of everything, from mitigating the interest rate to forgiving the entire loan."

He’s been currying favor among ne'er do wells to shore up his voting base by forgiving their loans and ensuring they get to vote (many times and in different jurisdictions. I know that people (otherwise unqualified to vote) are bussed in from different counties under the auspices of the “Job Corps” and ACORN, with local addresses just to vote in both local and national elections. The Democrats cried about a “stolen election” when G. W. Bush was elected.

The Main Stream Media has turned a blind eye to these egregious violations, but continue to tout their “boy”. And I mean “boy”, not in the Old South, meaning, but with the intent that they “own” this man, by virtue of getting him elected due to ignoring all the red flags connected with his Presidency. i.e., where exactly was he born? No redacted birth certificate. Once and for all, will he not provide definitive information on the locale of his birth? And a few other questions....

· Eye witnesses (his Grandmother et al) have said his birth was in Africa, which places him in violation of the Constitutional requirements to be President. A redacted birth certificate is on file with the election commission. How is that possible? A pure and unaltered copy is required for verification to the highest office in the world.

· The slime ball in which whose living room Obama’s political life was launched: one Michael Ayers, who now infects young peoples' minds with anti-American vitriol, espouses Communism and violent overthrow of our government, is responsible for bombing police stations in the 60's, and said he “would do it all over again”.

· Where is his donor list? This is a big deal. Bill Clinton still hasn't provided HIS donor list, which should have been a prerequisite Hillary Clinton for becoming Secretary of State.

When are Americans going to look up from the Main Stream Media newspapers, and MSNBC, CNN, and ABC News, and realize they've been snookered? With the main stream media's complicity he was elected. This needs to change. The role of media in elections needs to be attenuated to reflect the truth…. I know “novel concept”. Well, cheers for now. God Bless.