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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Fax to Representative Bill Posey....a good man.

Dear Bill,

Welcome to the Banana Republic.  Our elections are beginning to resemble those in Venezuela, and Nicaragua.  This is what we are becoming.  Unless men and women of good character stand in the gap and stop these crimes.
I DEMAND that the United States Congress joins Rep. Darrell Issa in his urgent request for a congressional investigation into Project Vote and other ACORN derivatives.

I DEMAND that State Attorney Generals do something to PROTECT their constituencies from rampant voter fraud; and FORCE law enforcement to actually enforce the laws.

Please urgently consider adding your voice to those calling for the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder for NOT enforcing these various voter fraud acts.

Voter fraud is a crime and an affront to my Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom to vote!

ACORN was already de-funded by Congress; so why are they beginning to re-appear under different names in this election year?   Who’s in charge?

I want my personal vote to count this election year. I do not want any dead person (like in past election cycles) to negate my vote. A congressional investigation is absolutely necessary!   Should I just assume that in order for my vote to count I should vote 2 or 3 times?  Should I stand outside polling places with a baseball bat and fatigues threatening those who would not vote the way I want them to?  Assuming there is no threat of prosecution from our ever vigilant Department of Justice.

And, judging by the recently revealed emails and communications, the Department of Justice cannot be trusted to investigate. Obviously, they are comparing voter registration strategies with Project Vote! Eric Holder has already lied to Congress!

My rights and freedoms as a genuine voter this year are literally at stake. Please help insure that electronic voting machines cannot be hacked or the results changed!

I insist that massive voter fraud be expunged from our federal and state governments. And the only way I can be assured of that is if ACORN and its derivatives are investigated. Our DOJ is pursuing Florida Governor Scott in his attempt to expunge dead people and felons from our voter rolls.  Are these the actions of a DOJ of character?  Or of an AG with character.  The answer is no.

How about the alleged voting problems by the voting software firm SCYTL? In Spain no less!  Spain, a newly Socialist country in bad economic straits easily swayed by the deep pockets of Soros and the DNC.

Please do what is necessary to rid our elections of any hint of fraud!


Kenneth A. Jenkins USAF Ret.