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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Extended Metaphor

      Picture America as the pedestrian walking down the street, continually being jostled by people who want her to change. Here a liberal puts a hand on her shoulder trying to hold her back, then a conservative with a hand in the middle of her back pushing her onward. Out of the blue a Chinese Communist on a moped drives by and cuts the strap on her purse and drives off with it. Radical Islamists run by swinging a baseball bat at her head, she ducks but receives a bad contusion and cuts. (this asshole stays on the scene occasionally taking swings). The Chinese Communist makes another run at America, misses her wallet and cuts her jugular vein. America falters, swoons from the loss of blood. Other criminals strike and cut America while she is weak. Bystanders (voters, members of Congress, political party leaders) come up to observe and offer suggestions as to how best treat the patient, for that is what America has become....a medical patient on the street not yet on life support.

      America lies bleeding on the pavement, Congress, (both parties) comes up and whispers in her ear that she needs to take better care of herself, quit smoking and lose some weight. Congress then rummages in her pockets for what is left of her money. Members of Congress are the doctors we've elected to make America well. Our President Obama (Chief Surgeon), stands off picking the pockets of the surrounding crowd and directing Congress' actions, giving a speech on the hazards of walking. Mexico offers heroin and sends its hordes to help Obama pick the crowd's pockets. Rather than apply bandages to the jugular vein or perform necessary surgery, Dr. Congress wrings his hands and asks lobbyists what they should do to fix the patient, all the while taking money for involving the lobbyists who sell bandages and bogus balms. Liberals begin to rummage in her pockets for money that she "owes" them, and stealing from those around them.

     Conservatives try to bandage the wounds and get America back on her feet. Though some conservatives are confused as to where to apply the bandages. Meanwhile the patient bleeds. The Tea Party is shooing off the liberals and handing bandages to the conservatives....watching out for Islamists and Chinese. George Soros, supposedly trying to help, is standing on the other side of the street, selling poison and handing out pamphlets on why America is wrong to even be up and walking.  Also giving advice to our Chief Surgeon.  He continues to throw rocks and bottles at her as she lay there. No one seems to notice, but she is struck fairly often.

     America is tired, sick and wounded; beset on all sides by her enemies.  Leeches and ne'er do wells are the enemy, as are those actively involved in seeking her demise (China, Communists of any color, Islam). The bystanders must become active participants in protecting America. They must place themselves between America and those that would harm her. The Obama administration, which is wholly socialist, (and somewhat racist, and Marxist), has placed itself as an enemy of America. They do not have America's best interests at heart. They say, nationalism and patriotism are wrong.  Our colleges and universities would have you believe that both are anathema to America. America seems to have a systemic infection of bacterium and viruses that start in our schools. Elementary through Universities. Our probiotics need to prevail. Antibiotics may need to be administered. The distinction is important. While it may be prudent to kill off the bad bugs, it would be better to out populate them.

      Our current government seems to think that bleeding the patient or applying leeches will heal her; this is medieval. Modern medicine says to stitch up the wound, staunch the bleeding, give her fluids to restore blood volume and nutrients to help her heal herself.  Is it too late to save her?