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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dyspeptic in Florida

I find my dyspepsia is directly proportional to the amount of time I don’t get to vent. I have the urge to kick dogs and glare at children. My wife sees in me strange symptoms. I growl often, glower constantly and bark occasionally. I’m becoming canine in my abhorrence of recent legislation. To start with: The Bailout - my God! What wicked communistic Harvard educated minds came up with this one? Oh yeah, the ones you elected. You wanted “change”, well here it comes. So much so fast that you can’t absorb it all, by design. I’m sure this was in the works for years. There must have been strategy sessions for the eventuality of a Democrat President and a filibuster proof Democrat congress. I can see the steam pumping from behind the door of this session, scheming for the downfall of “evil America”, the war mongering, capitalist, global Christian oligarchy. We must kill it, bring it to its knees, for by doing so, only then can we lift up the proletarians of the world imagined by Marxist college professors all over the nation.
I am not anti-education. I am pro-truth. I believe that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I believe that you must serve first before you can complain, and by service I mean care for your fellow man. Fewer Americans have this mindset than ever before. It used to be that if a man were hungry, you would feed him a meal and he would do needed chores around the house/farm as it were, so as to sustain or provide for his dignity. Now, that same man is standing on a street corner with his hand out and the other in his pocket around a weapon. The Democrat ideal. Again, this isn’t a crisis of morality; it’s a crisis of need. This poor man needs food, and the only way he’ll get it is from the “Government”. That appears to be the answer to all questions. Health care? The Government is the answer. You need food? The Government again is the answer. And shelter? Here we go again… the Government. Drugs, yep here’s some free Viagra.
We (the Democrat) must think about the future, breed more loyal mouths beholding to us, the Government. Educate them to our way of thinking; stifle opposition, in all its permutations and methods; literature, television, radio, internet, and what you can’t stifle you attack openly as evil. That is the modus operandi.
Whatever happened to reasoned discussion? Compromise? This is also a skill that we as conservatives need hone.