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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nothing to see here folks move along.

     Since I last wrote a lot has changed.  I saw beforehand where the election was going with the media shoving a highly suspect golden boy down our throats…again, and demonizing a good man.  I suspected there would be voting problems but I didn’t expect our media to be so totally in the bag for Obama as to not report the exploding trend of voter fraud in America. 
To be honest I’ve been shell shocked by the sheer volume of crap that has gone wrong under this administration.  I’ve underestimated the power of evil.  That won’t happen again.  The power of our Constitution lies in the peoples’ willingness to enforce it.  It will take some time to regain what has been stolen.  If it can be.
Why isn’t anyone coming to the defense of America?  I don’t mean that the Muslims are attacking us with nukes; I mean that our own elected officials are killing or doing everything they can to murder Americans and the American dream.

Life – Except for Unborn Babies

Liberty- Unless you believe in the Constitution

And the Pursuit of Happiness- only if you are gay or atheist.

     Radical Muslim clerics and Reverend Wright have free access to the White House but Franklin Graham (or Billy if he could) doesn’t?
     The election results are tainted, not only by false voting, but vote machine tampering (though there is no blatant evidence) precinct after precinct that are 100% for Obama.  Not ONE vote for Mitt Romney.  Never in the history of America has that happened.  It doesn’t mean that everyone is in agreement that Obama should be our President.  It means that the voting system is flawed and has been tampered with.  Nothing to see here folks, move along.  From dead people voting…twice, to illegal aliens (yes I used "illegal") voting, to real people voting more than once in different parts of the country or their state.  Not just a few, but it is RAMPANT, and since the votes went for our dear Demoncrat leader Obama then we’ll turn a blind eye.
     Alan West, a war hero, a Republican, a great American was out voted in Miami by a drunken brawler put up instead of running unopposed and he won, with HIGHLY irregular and illegal voting practices by the Demoncrat party.  Nothing to see here folks, move along.
     Just like Viet Nam, a Demoncrat gets elected and our foreign policy goes down the drain.  There is no continuity of government, no common National goals anymore.  The newly elected are sworn to tear down whatever progress is made by the previous administration.  Obama encourages this.
     We abandoned Iraq to Iranian and Saudi infiltrators.  Those who voted for the Republic are now in hiding or dead, or refugees.  Obama is OK with this.

The Taliban are laughing in our faces, Hamid Karzai is so afraid of the Taliban he and his criminal opium exporting brother have completely thrown their lots in with the Taliban.  There is no longer any pretense.  Obama is OK with this.

Nuclear armed Pakistan is so rotten with terrorists that it will soon implode then seek its revenge on anything Western.  Including pro Western elements in the government of India.  They have always looked for a way to wrest Kashmir away from India, and they will soon have it.

Obama has emasculated our military, in numerous ways:

Chaplains can no longer pray in Christ’s name.

Gays openly serve.

New weapons systems are no longer being researched or pursued.

Existing weapons systems aren’t being maintained.  They are being abandoned on the field of battle for our enemies to use.  As they are too expensive to transport home.  Who came up with that decision?

Funding (Sequestration/castration) has dried up ANY chances for promoting valuable members.  Hence they are hemorrhaging experienced warriors.

He has slowly removed and replaces commanding Generals’ with political stooges.

Former Director of the CIA Leon Panetta was/is a Communist.  No disputes.  We no longer have any secrets.  Our enemies know our plans,methods and assets.
Muslim sympathizer and ostrich in chief, John O. Brennan is now our DCI.  Remember him as the man who gave testimony to Congress stating that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization and an ally to America.  THIS is the man to whom we have given the keys to our vast intelligence gathering machine.

The NSA has been given over to an Army General handpicked by Obama and look what happened under his watch.   

Snowden, has eclipsed Aldrich Ames in sheer evil and single handed destructiveness.  Some people say he’s a patriot.
He’s a murderer.  The blood of countless people is or will be on his hands.
     I hate to say it but, Hillary Clinton will more than likely be our next President.  Unless we can get Ted Cruz elected.  An all Latino ticket would be nice to see in this instance.  Cruz/Rubio.  Except dear Marco is stepping off the path.  He’s no longer dancing with the one that brung him.
     The Supreme Court lead by Justice John Roberts has made it legal for sodomites and lesbians to marry and have federal benefits as couples.  The Court has ruled in favor of the most liberal administration in the history of America and nobody finds that in the least disconcerting.  However a bone was thrown to conservatives now that the illegals in the country are now allowed to vote by the magic wand of Congress.  The Supremes ruled that the laws on the books that allowed blacks to vote in the South was now outdated and States could now require identification before voting. Well, that bird has flown, that barn door has already been opened and the horse has run away.  Illegals are already in country and beholden to our dear leader and his party.
     Not only have the Democrats cemented an entire bloc of illegals into the Party, they are simultaneously speeding up the Cloward Piven plan.  If you don’t know what that is, I suggest you look it up to see where this country is plummeting.  Also Rules for Radicals is a good read to see what tactics our enemies have employed.
Giving Billions of US Dollars (the ONLY saving grace is it’s not worth too much nowadays) to Morsi, and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.
Giving Billions in Armament to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Any ideas where they will point their aircraft, bombs and air to air, and air to ground missiles?  Well as a hint they speak Hebrew.
     John Kerry as SECSTATE.  A slap in the face to every American who ever served in the military.  The man is a traitor.  Negotiating without US sanction with the government of Viet Nam is an act of treason.  Any American with half an ounce of sense would see that Kerry is strategically the worst choice Obama could make.  THAT is why he was appointed.  His goal is to diminish America on the World Stage.

Iran, they elected a new puppet, no change in their nuclear ambitions, diplomacy with these animals doesn’t work.

DHS has become Obama’s defacto Gestapo.

Benghazi is our albatross.  Former SECSTATE Clinton asked "What does it matter?"  The very sad fact is no one in government has an answer.  Not only cowed,but clueless.  Demoncrats believe Benghazi is a dead issue.  A GOP withou the stones to persue it, is as shameful as it is disturbing.  Thank God for Trey Gowdy.

Eric Holder lies to Congress about AP warrants and James Rosen, he slides by with Fast and Furious with no consequences.  The whole thing a ruse to get people to move towards a less tolerant stance on our nations Second Amendment. Obama does the same and wipes the slate clean with an Executive Order.  Nothing to see here folks move along.

      The IRS has in it’s leadership and body enough government union employees to think that it can get away with targeting patriotic, pro Constitution, anti liberal groups.  And it turns out they are right.  A few heads will roll for show, but the underlying union members will continue to use their office to sway the populace and the electorate.  This election is under the belt already, the next one they will have to be more careful.

I think union leadership with the White House’s urging is what has caused the lawlessness at the IRS.  But I have no proof.  It just smells like it.