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Monday, October 03, 2005

Psychopaths and the Katrina Aftermath

Psychopaths and the Katrina aftermath.

What is newsworthy about being level headed, thoughtful and farsighted? Not a whole hell of a lot. But these are things to be desired in a leader, yet the opposite is what we are getting, mostly due to the media’s unwillingness to laud politicians who are level headed, thoughtful and farsighted. The politician who is more outlandish, rude, obnoxious, defamatory, and inflammatory gets the coverage. Cooler heads should be more newsworthy, but sadly they are not.
Why? Because it increases viewer ship. That’s why we see a mad rush to get the “sound bite” of mad people or people out of the main stream or on the fringes of conventional thought, on TV or in front of crowds, inciting them to revolution (Charlie Rangel at the Congressional Black Caucus, last time I heard, this kind of talk was sedition.) or allowing people to loot rape and steal (Ray Nagin’s inaction post Katrina) or claiming institutional racism (Kanye West on Telethon for victims) or even terrorism and murder (Louis Farrakhan). These loonies get the media attention simply because they are loonies. It’s no fun to watch Alan Greenspan administrate the Fed. But we would be sorely lost without him. It’s no fun to watch former FEMA head Michael Brown try, and be it perceived or imagined, fail to administrate FEMA. Unless you’re a Democrat who giggles with glee at each failure of any Republican failure, no matter the cost to humanity. (The right thing to do was removing him and put someone in his position that had the confidence of the victims after the turf/procedure fiasco.) Sadly I think he could have done a great job and still not weathered the partisan storm. He might have but we will never know.
I submit that any failure by the government (Federal, State and Local) is a failure that all Americans feel or should feel and all Americans should look for a solution and remedy the ills of its citizenry, and not be so ready to point the finger of blame. An African proverb reads “if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.” And I don’t see how those standing with hands in pockets on the sidelines waiting for a failure of any sort are any part of any solution. Enough already! If you are American, born or naturalized, get your hands out of your pockets for something other than finger pointing and lend a hand, and use your voice for something other than condemnation and incitement to riot or revolution.