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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

President Needs to Change His Delivery

President Bush has been under the delusion that telling the truth and letting the truth speak for itself is sufficient to let people know his stance on issues. It’s abominable that he feels that he has to justify his actions that were previously accepted by the “majority” of the country. The fact that his integrity, faith, and sincerity have constantly been bombarded by liberals has made him wary. When a President of this caliber says something, it should stand on its own merits; unlike when Clinton "did not have sex with that woman" or didn't understand the meaning of the word "is". I kept looking in the background to see who had his hand in the puppet. This President has more integrity in his little finger than the White House had in its entirety for 8 years of Clinton's reign.

The Democrats, assail the truth with falsehoods and impugn the office and the person of the President at will. They do this armed with nothing but lies and vitriol. The malignancy of the souls of these people amazes me. In their book, right is wrong, good is bad, and righteousness is evil. They truly wouldn't know the facts if they were forced to eat them raw; which may not be a bad idea. Where the hell does the idea originate that our troops are bad and should not be believed over Al Qaeda, and Iraqi insurgents. You know the answer to that, “only in the minds of the Democratic left". The belief that going to war with a despot who foments terror in his own people by killing them by the thousands is bad, only originates with the Democratic part and those on the left. The necessity to gain permission from the United Nations after numerous failures to act on something they never would have acted upon is something that is bereft of the liberals. How many times does a member nation have to thumb its nose at the authority of the UN, or lack thereof, before any action is taken? The US acted when no other nation had the stones to do it, and then stood back in disbelief at the cowboy US fighting their battles. France is reaping the benefits of their inaction now, with the internal strife at the hands of Muslim youth. Chirac, the spineless PM of France, can do nothing good in his own country, so he diverts attention from his own inaction and ridicules the US.

The fact that the President must reiterate his Security Plan for the US and Iraq, speaks volumes about the damage that the liberal Democrats are doing to faith in our government, our country, our troops and our very people. Most Americans don't see that they are being slighted by the left, simply because they aren’t expected to be able to make up their own minds. The roar of applause at the recent Home Town Meeting at which the President spoke, when the mother of a soldier in Iraq asked the question "When are we going to start getting the truth from the Main Stream Media", should send a shudder down the nonexistent spines of the likes of Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Teddy Kennedy. We've seen behind the Wizards curtain, and have seen who's operating the switches.

You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence.
-- Charles A. Beard

Friday, March 17, 2006

Teachers and Thier Charges

I'm convinced that when you see something wrong you speak out. The adage that "“All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” fits. Below is a letter to Cherry Creek Colorado High School teacher Jay Bennish, sent with sincerity and belief that even people like him can change. I encourage you to email him at:

I suspect the school district's IT departments are a little miffed at him right now for crashing their servers with all the email he has generated.

Mr. Bennish, I wanted to be among the many to welcome you back to school and the profession that you love. While I approve of your profession please cease taking liberties with your students. I am a veteran and will forever defend your right to speak and dissent. But your right to coercion ends at the threshold to your classroom. While you may feel that our President is similar to Adolph Hitler, I can assure you from my experience that it is in no way similar or even in the same realm. There are obviously not enough good teachers in this country and it is becoming harder to attract well qualified and honorable people to the profession. And, it is my opinion that more needs to be done in compensation and protection for teachers who speak out. But know when and where to do so. You are free to say our troops are like Hitler’s SS troops, Stazi or the former Soviet Union’s GRU or KGB outside of school grounds. Not where you can influence the minds and hearts of the young adults put in your charge. Again I will defend your right to disagree and speak but in current events your role as a teacher should be to initiate and mediate discussion, and direct to a certain extent. But to influence the political leanings of your students does a dishonor to your profession by limiting thought and individualism. And not allowing other viewpoints. Imagine a student listening to a lecture by you espousing the similarities of Bush and Hitler. That student is then asked to write a paper on his thoughts…how free is that student to express views differing from yours, in reality and in the students mind? These are things to ponder as you resume your duties. Respectfully, Kenneth A. Jenkins, USAF Ret.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Late Thoughts on Coretta Scott King's Funeral

Regarding Coretta Scott King’s funeral, I have some not so Christian thoughts about that spectacle. Now that the anger has dissipated after watching the treatment of our President on so solemn an occasion, I start to wonder about the heart of the Democratic party and the Civil Rights leaders present there. While there is no doubt in my mind that President Bush went to the funeral to pay his heartfelt respects as leader of this nation and a man of God, to the spouse of our one of our country’s greatest civil rights leaders, the same is impossible to say of the other speakers and “mourners”. The main complaint is with former President Jimmy Carter race-baiting the crowd with the fact of hurricane Katrina victims being predominantly black. What a dupe. The fact that the people of New Orleans are mostly black would lead anyone with common sense to think that the majority of the victims are black. Proof that the Reverend Joseph Lowry is also cut from the same cloth as Jesse (who’s your daddy) Jackson = in using his preacher - speak drawing comparisons to one of President Bush’s justifications for going into Iraq, and FEMA’s failure to provide timely services.

Here’s the tangent: I don’t suppose it’s ever occurred to anyone that it’s impossible to prepare for people who won’t help themselves. We were bombarded with hurricanes here in Florida, left without power, living in uninhabitable homes. But when the authorities said “mandatory evacuation” we left, instead of hunkering down, expecting to be taken out by “The Government”. I won’t even get into how inadequate Mayor Nagin is as a leader and administrator nor the State government. But what I do know is that after the hurricanes we didn’t loot our neighbors or our neighbor’s businesses and I know you didn’t see it in Biloxi, Waveland, Long Beach, Gulfport, or Pass Christian, Mississippi. It speaks to the kind of people you have in those places. That is not a racist statement. There is a substantial population of blacks in coastal Mississippi, and they did not behave anything like their less well - bred brethren in New Orleans. Those in Metarie, Louisiana who blocked the I-10 bridge were probably correct in their decision. In order to protect themselves and their businesses they did what was necessary. Had they evacuated with the outflow of normal evacuees rather than the desperate rabble that chose not to evacuate until after the hurricane struck, the reception would have been very different.

The hurricane response was in no way the fault of the federal government; it was a response the federal government would have made to reasonable people who would take reasonable precautions for the welfare of themselves and their families when a category 5 hurricane approaches. When those precautions weren’t taken by the citizenry the efforts of the federal government seemed feeble.

Back to the original thought... The basic consideration for your fellow human beings is lacking in this group of people. The funeral intended to pay tribute to Coretta Scott King, and some people did, but more took the opportunity to lampoon the current administration. Mrs. King surely sat in heaven shaking her head and clucking her mouth at the behavior of her children.

They treat people who deserve respect with disdain and disrespect. They berate and ridicule them publicly. This isn’t (is not-makes it sound firmer) the kind of behavior I would tolerate in my children or my friends. It was shameful to observe this inexcusable behavior in leadership of any kind, but sadly I was not surprised when I saw it in the Democratic and Civil Rights leaders. Have we simply become more rude and boorish since the early days of the Civil Rights movement, when the Democratic Party could be expected to support America? If we have I can’t see it. There. That is my well - considered response to boorish behavior. Now I can rest.

"Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure that there is one less scoundrel in the world." —Thomas Carlyle