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Monday, April 03, 2006

McKinney needs to go

The fact that McKinney wasn't pistol-whipped amazes me. Anyone running past a security checkpoint without the proper credentials and ignoring security's instructions should justify the use of unrestrained force. This kind of behavior in the post 9-11 environment is not only dangerous, but fool hardy. In a high value target area like the House Office Building, security is nothing to be scoffed at. How is security supposed to know that this person wasn’t a terrorist trying to get as close to the chambers as possible before detonating his or her vest of Semtex?” Now it's become a racial profiling issue with Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte. The people of Ms. McKinney’s district need to think about removing her next election cycle. I guarantee that if I struck a Capitol Security policeman, in addition to looking for my teeth on the ground, I would definitely be charged with assaulting a policeman in the commission of his/her duties, and rightly so. Any other action would be prejudicial and preferential (expecting different treatment because of position or color or rank in the house). Members of Congress already get this treatment because of the Congressional badge required to be worn and needed to bypass security, which this member failed to display. I also guarantee that if any other treatment by Rep McKinney had occurred, his or her supervisor would have assuredly been first in line to try and have his job for failure to do his duty and stop an unauthorized entry into a controlled area. I applaud the officer’s willingness to do his underappreciated job, even when self-important members of Congress pass through their jurisdiction. I assert that if she was late for her meeting, it is not security's fault. The only cause I can think of that justifies her reacting with violence to someone doing his job, is that she may be mentally unbalanced, not because of perceived racial profiling or prejudicial treatment. The claim that is racially motivated is what is most egregious. It is exactly what all her type claim when they are caught doing something wrong. All the usual suspects sound off in defense of the perceived wrong. What this congresswoman needs to do is go directly to the police officer and ask his forgiveness for hitting him during the execution of his job and then throw herself on the mercy of the courts, whom by all rights, should prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. I wonder if the security officer (by name, Officer Mc Kenna) was white....makes you go, hmmmm. Could be racism alright.

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