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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Convert to Islam

Prison imams, chaplains or counselors take the disenfranchised, mostly poor, and mostly black and empower them with discipline and a god that considers everything but obedience a sin or affront to Allah. To allow them access to our prisoners and military (not to put them on the same level) is to let the fox in the hen house, or rather a virus loose in a host. CAIR (Council on American Islamic
Relations), MSA (Muslim Students Association), and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) do more to harm relations with the US Government than the average mosque members, because they get their marching orders and funds from Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. Much like the Soviet Union finances the Communist party in America, and did so covertly in the late 40's through the late 80's and now does so openly, the Wahhabist Saudis fund an underground covert effort to sway our government and it's people by lies; using our own democracy and judicial system against us. The firing of a cadre of radio hosts who have enough chutzpah to tell it the way they see it are pounced on by CAIR demanding that they fire the offending host(s). The US government has even gone to them for advice on how to handle issues regarding treatment of prisoners and detainees. Our State Department asks for advice on how to approach and handle foreign Islamic governments. Consider asking Hitler how to treat his Gestapo or SS while in POW camps. Notice I do not say the common German infantry man, because the Islamofascists that we are in contact with are more than just foot soldiers who can be counted on to act honorably in time of war. Honor means nothing to the enemy we face. They are a special breed of maniac, where the self immolation of the Buddist monk in the 60's is a trifle. They must not only kill themselves in the twisted jihad espoused by the Wahhabi imams, but take as many infidels as possible to the greater glory of Allah. It's high time we stopped pissing around with these people. If you believe the Islamic radicals can be reasoned with I suggest you go and reason with them, then after your family back home receives your head in a box, maybe you'll believe the only way to deal with them is to eradicate them. I just hope there are enough of us left by then to defend you.

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