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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hate the Lie

Is America smart enough? Are we smart enough to recognize when we are being led down the garden path? I would like to think so. But evidence to contrary is constantly being broadcast, printed and published…hmm those are MEDIA phrases. Broadcast (video, radio, satellite), printed (newspapers, books, magazines), published (movies, internet). I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I do recognize when the people in control of the media have an agenda of their own. And if you’re not with them, then you are against them. This isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat thing, nor is it a Liberal vs. Conservative thing. This is lies vs. truth. And can we twist a lie around enough to make it look like the truth, or tell a lie often enough that we begin to repeat it in our heads like the bad song that gets stuck. If you live in the America that I believe in, then you love the truth and hate the lie. If you find yourself in arguments spouting something that you’ve heard a million times in the media and learned it by rote, and have failed to find out the truth for yourself. Then you belong somewhere else. You belong to the America that believes in free money, free education, free health care, and denial of responsibility for any wrongdoing, because of the way your mother treated you. Again, not the one who believes in personal responsibility, working for a living, saving money for school or for your child’s, studying hard to get what you want. When the movie and music industry puts it’s major talent behind the Democratic Liberal left, why aren’t all Americans crying “Foul”!? Or is it just that most Americans understand that most artists are liberal and take that into consideration? I think there are untold millions who believe anything that comes out of Madonna’s mouth, as well as Barbara Streisand, and Michael Moore. Why do you suppose they released Farenheit 911 and The Manchurian Candidate in an election year….hmmm? Why are we allowing the agenda of the French liberal film artist community (Canne) be shoved down our throats. Why does every utterance of the most insane people in Hollywood get massive coverage? Because it’s the old scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, theory. Folks scream about separation of church and state, they ought to scream about separation of politics and Hollywood and the incestuous relationship there.
If I were in charge, I would make it illegal for a film, or TV star to speak about politics. Once you speak about politics you can no longer be called an actor. So we may know your stripe. You must make your living as a politician or pundit. And vice versa, if you are a politician and you star in a film other than a documentary, then you must cease your career as a politician. Just so we know where you stand. Not fair? Yes, but I’m in charge and I’m not fair. Don’t elect me. In the United States of Ken I only care about what I think is right. And I'm a pretty level headed guy. So trust me.
Another disgusting revelation from those that served with the Democratic nominee, about the lengths a person will go through to get elected. He looses his media hounds to make liars of veterans who have honorably served, and have no other agenda than the truth.