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Thursday, December 08, 2011


The below is an article from the Washington Times. 
He has earned his place in history. It is shameful that the
Commander-in-Chief he honorably served, did not show up. SHAMEFUL.




EDITORIAL: An old soldier who won't fade away


Obama is outclassed and outsmarted by retiring Gen. Petraeus:


Gen. David H. Petraeus closed his phenomenal 37-year Army career this week
with a joint review at Fort Myer in Arlington . Service members from every
branch were present, and flags of all 50 states fluttered in the breeze. A
substantial crowd had come to hear the general's farewell address. Many were
classmates from the West Point Class of 1974, smartly attired but
enthusiastic and occasionally whooping like they were cadets. Others were
people with whom he had served over his storied career, whom he recognized
from the dais during his speech. The morning was sunny and clear, and the
general was his usual affable, ebullient self.


In his remarks, Gen. Petraeus recalled the days when he entered the
military, when the Vietnam War was winding down and the armed services were
being pared down to the "hollow forces" of the 1970s. "The Army I joined as
a second lieutenant had suffered enormously," he said. "In the wake of our
involvement in Vietnam , our Army and much of our military were grappling
with a host of very serious challenges." The senior leaders who first wore
the uniform in those dark days were not discouraged. They began their
careers with a sense of mission. "I know I speak for many when I say that we
came away from that period vowing to never let our forces get to such a
point ever again." Through his efforts, and those of countless other
visionaries in and out of uniform, the hollow forces were transformed once
again into the finest fighting force in the world. Adm. Michael Mullen,
chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, presided over the ceremony with
William J. Lynn, deputy secretary of defense. Notably absent were Secretary
of Defense Leon E. Panetta, whose former position as CIA director is Gen.
Petraeus' next assignment, and President Obama. Their non-appearance did not
sit well with some. "Obama should have been here," a warrior who served
under Gen. Petraeus told The Washington Times. "And he should have invited
[former President George W.] Bush. The general saved their bacon. Twice.


"Everyone has forgotten that in 2007 we as a nation had said, 'OK, we are
going to lose Iraq .' And President Bush said, 'Well what if we win?'
Petraeus rode into town and assembled an extraordinary team. His personal
drive, his charisma, his optimism, his can-do spirit, all of that is what
gave us hope that we could in fact turn Iraq around," our source explained.
"And by September of '07, the progress had been dramatic enough that it
became common knowledge to the American people that things were turning
around in Iraq . Eight months earlier, a lot of people, including Obama,
wanted to tuck tail and have another Vietnam ."


That's not all. "Here is the guy who saved our reputation as a nation.
Seriously, who's missing this? And then he went to [Central Command] and was
doing great things. And Obama asked him to take a functional demotion and go
back to Afghanistan and save our bacon again," we were told. "To leave his
family, to step down from a regional command, to take on that burden. And he
said yes, and he did it. Petraeus was the right guy at the right time, he
answered the call, and now he's being yanked out before we're ready, just
like the troops are being yanked out before Afghanistan is ready."


So what's the reason for the White House about-face? "They are sending him
to the CIA to keep him quiet during the 2012 election. It shows how small
and scared they are. He is an honorable man, he has never expressed
political ambition. But they saw him as a threat. He is an independent
thinker, the finest military mind of his generation," our source posits.
"What he suffers from is that he is more excellent than almost anyone he
meets, to include the president. The troops love him. Strong people surround
themselves with the most excellent people they can find, even those brighter
and more capable than themselves. Weak people don't."


There is a shameful indignity in how this hero was treated. "The president
couldn't find the time in his schedule, nor could the [defense secretary]
find the time to look him in the eye and say thank you in person," this
warrior told The Washington Times. "It's one thing to say 'we support the
troops' and trot out your first lady to do that, but this is where it
counts. It would have been an appropriate gesture to come here to recognize
the professional and personal sacrifice of this extraordinary man. It would
have been the dignified thing to do."


The hero remained above it all. The cannons boomed and the crowd cheered and
Gen. Petraeus stood smiling in the sun.


Copyright 2011 The Washington Times, LLC.


Honor Gen. Petraeus by sending this to those who will care.

Monday, November 21, 2011

     Our Israeli allies are now preparing for war with a nuclear Iran, because we wouldn't act.  We as a nation waited on the Palestinian loving United Nations to act.  There will be another holocaust.  We will be held accountable and we should be ashamed. 
Our enemies will be furnished with nuclear weapons from this same Iran before, during and after this war.  If it isn't already happening.  It will be our undoing.  It will probably come across our Southern border in a shipment of tomatoes bound for a market like Dallas or Las Vegas, or Denver.  Accompanied by Mexican looking Hamas or Hezbollah members, shouting Allahu Akbar! 

God is indeed great, if only our backslid nation would realize this.

As the Bible says:  "those that have eyes let them see".  I’ve watched with stomach churning disdain the activities of Communist/ Socialist minions, and Soros tools of Occupy Wall Street.  Assuming their motives are true, the enemy they seek isn’t to be found on Wall Street, but K Street.  The location where lobbyists and Congressmen broker power… our national power.
We have begun to be conquered from within just as the Soviets said they would do.  They have a 50 year plan whereas the former United States had a hand to mouth attitude.  The Soviets plan was to overtake capitalist Amerika from the ground up.  As the very persuasive Van Jones said, “Bottom up, top down, inside out”.  They’ve done it in incremental steps; the insertion of a pro communist school board member here, the hiring of a teacher there.  And while this is going on; the Unions were taken over by communists too.  SEIU, UAW, UCWA, and they have a voice with this president.  They’ve bought and paid for him.
Teachers who have our children 7 plus hours a day pushing a pro gay, pro union, anti religion pro government, pro Communism agenda very subtly and not so subtly.  I used to catch huge inaccuracies in the text books my daughter brought home from school.  And when I brought these to the attention of the teacher, 90% of the time he/she said “I didn’t know that was in there”.  But there were also those that blindly taught lies and half truths.  I actually ran across an entry that the US was the aggressor in WWII against Japan and that we were just looking for a place to test our new nuclear program.  IN A U.S. HISTORY TEXT BOOK! Thankfully not enough time has passed for us to entirely forget the events of WWII.
The enemy has numerous fronts on which he assails us:
1           1)      Education-  By forcing incompetent teachers on us and halting their termination via Unions and the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board).
2           2)      Workforce-  Unions indoctrinating workers as soldiers in their army, beating and killing those that would not join, and forcing non union workers out of any market.  Or forcing them to be members regardless of will.
3           3)      Government- The State Department is full of career diplomats and under workers, who quietly influence policy in foreign affairs.  They are not changed when the POTUS changes.  So policy does not change, regardless of the beliefs of the party or person in power.   Frank-Dodd legislation that forced banks to provide loans to those that could not afford them, then Investment firms encouraged to sell these investments to people overseas and in the US, to keep them afloat.
4           4)      Entertainment- The trend for Hollywood types to believe that their voices are more important than those that are ELECTED has become de rigueur.  Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Madonna, Lady Gaga (are you kidding me?) all see a USA that is wrong at every step, and moves to halt any action not liberal enough for them through power of personality.  People who believe that these people are the last word on morality, religion, and politics are sadly mistaken and misled.  99.99% of the time these people are intentional and ignorant shills for Hugo Chavez, or Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and their ilk.  They contribute boatloads of money to liberal candidates through philanthropic foundations made up on the spot, and then give money to people to give to the candidates in a shell game intended to thwart the Federal Election Commission.
5           5)      As an aside…  In all likelihood we now have Iranian manufactured missiles tipped with biological or chemical warheads, using North Korean guidance technology based in Venezuela pointed at the US.  How’s that for Globalism. 
6           6)      Community Organization- ACORN started out in poor neighborhoods paying people to vote, and vote often.  OWS funded by the Tides Foundation (George Soros).  Why hasn’t this manipulative piece of cow dung been apprehended, ALL of his assets seized and sentenced to prison?  Can you say treason and sedition?  These antiquated ideas need to be brought back.  The idea that you can say anything and do anything anytime because you are rich and famous needs to end.  I understand frustration.  The idea that I spent my time in the military fighting a Cold War that isn’t over and still needs fighting but from within my own borders is frightening.

      The enemy is within the pale.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Is it paranoia if they ARE out to get you?

My monthly rant.  

Is it paranoia if they ARE out to get you?

     Soros’ Tides Foundation, People for the American Way, American Communist party ACORN’s remnants and Unions fund the “Occupy” groups.  Which we all now know well.  These people are simply stupid tools.  The hammer with which to smash the America we all know and love.  Mind you they are educated tools… filled with all the rancor and vitriol that could be pumped into them at your local college by our union led, communist leaning professors and teachers.  That is the intent of the above groups.   The riots that occurred in Oakland should have been put down with real bullets once they started throwing Molotov cocktails.  In New York’s Zucotti Park they need to walk end to end with police and sanitation workers, throw all that crap into dumpsters and send the bill to Soros.
      If you think the Communist party of Russia is gone, you better think again.  They are alive and well and live among us now, thanks to the “fall of the USSR”.   The long term plan of the USSR was to infiltrate the US at its lowest and highest levels over time.  Vladimir Putin is pulling the strings and it is occurring as we speak.  The evil plan is now coming to fruition.  Strangely coincidental, it is also the aim of radical Islam.  Which is part of the reason Russia is providing Iran with nuclear know how.  Their aims are the same, and Russia thinks it will be able to control then take over after Sharia is the law of the land.
     It causes us to use money and resources to protect our ally Israel (though that is greatly diminished under this administration), while they scheme to corner the market on European fuel (oil and gas).  Thus putting a strangle hold on the supply to bolster the failed Russian ruble.  The current president has no motivation to help protect Israel.  I believe he thinks the world would be better without it.   His arrogance is incalculable.  It cannot conceived that our president could do this much damage to our country unintentionally.  I truly have to wonder if this president isn’t a sleeper for some nefarious organization, Muslim, Russian or both.  The ill effects this president has caused will continue for decades.  The damage is incalculable.
 Intelligence alone is compromised by the fact that Leon Panetta ( a Communist sympathizer if not outright Communist) is head of the CIA.
Justice is compromised by the fact that Eric Holder attorney defending Muslim extremists, who believes that the New Black Panther party shouldn’t be prosecuted for threatening to beat voters in Chicago.  Also lying to a Congressional committee regarding his knowledge of “Fast and Furious”.  A back door plan to destabilize our Southern border by increased violence and drug smuggling.  Allowing more voting illegal aliens across our border.  With the added benefit of getting more people on board to limit Second Amendment Rights. And you have to ask “to what end?”. 

The appointment of Sotomayor and Kagan to the Supreme Court of the United States are two severe body blows to this nation.  They quietly sit and wait for some juicy dispute to cross the docket, then all hell will break loose.  They will affect this nation for generations.  Maybe Breyer and Ginsberg will have the good fortune to retire during a Republican president.  They say you get wiser as you age.  We can only hope.

An unarmed citizenry can be easily manipulated.  This is exactly what Hitler did before he started WWII, and Stalin before the purge. 

An armed person is a citizen…an unarmed person is a subject.

The Republican leadership made sure of legislation stating that if the UN allowed the Palestinian Authority membership, the money would be cut off.  But apparently only to UNESCO who watches over World Heritage sites.  This is another incremental move to legitimize the PLO, with an eye towards full UN membership.
All of our funding for the United Nations needs to end because of the UNESCO fiasco.  The maybe they’ll get the message.  Then we need to move the UN out of New York….maybe to Geneva or Paris.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Extended Metaphor

      Picture America as the pedestrian walking down the street, continually being jostled by people who want her to change. Here a liberal puts a hand on her shoulder trying to hold her back, then a conservative with a hand in the middle of her back pushing her onward. Out of the blue a Chinese Communist on a moped drives by and cuts the strap on her purse and drives off with it. Radical Islamists run by swinging a baseball bat at her head, she ducks but receives a bad contusion and cuts. (this asshole stays on the scene occasionally taking swings). The Chinese Communist makes another run at America, misses her wallet and cuts her jugular vein. America falters, swoons from the loss of blood. Other criminals strike and cut America while she is weak. Bystanders (voters, members of Congress, political party leaders) come up to observe and offer suggestions as to how best treat the patient, for that is what America has become....a medical patient on the street not yet on life support.

      America lies bleeding on the pavement, Congress, (both parties) comes up and whispers in her ear that she needs to take better care of herself, quit smoking and lose some weight. Congress then rummages in her pockets for what is left of her money. Members of Congress are the doctors we've elected to make America well. Our President Obama (Chief Surgeon), stands off picking the pockets of the surrounding crowd and directing Congress' actions, giving a speech on the hazards of walking. Mexico offers heroin and sends its hordes to help Obama pick the crowd's pockets. Rather than apply bandages to the jugular vein or perform necessary surgery, Dr. Congress wrings his hands and asks lobbyists what they should do to fix the patient, all the while taking money for involving the lobbyists who sell bandages and bogus balms. Liberals begin to rummage in her pockets for money that she "owes" them, and stealing from those around them.

     Conservatives try to bandage the wounds and get America back on her feet. Though some conservatives are confused as to where to apply the bandages. Meanwhile the patient bleeds. The Tea Party is shooing off the liberals and handing bandages to the conservatives....watching out for Islamists and Chinese. George Soros, supposedly trying to help, is standing on the other side of the street, selling poison and handing out pamphlets on why America is wrong to even be up and walking.  Also giving advice to our Chief Surgeon.  He continues to throw rocks and bottles at her as she lay there. No one seems to notice, but she is struck fairly often.

     America is tired, sick and wounded; beset on all sides by her enemies.  Leeches and ne'er do wells are the enemy, as are those actively involved in seeking her demise (China, Communists of any color, Islam). The bystanders must become active participants in protecting America. They must place themselves between America and those that would harm her. The Obama administration, which is wholly socialist, (and somewhat racist, and Marxist), has placed itself as an enemy of America. They do not have America's best interests at heart. They say, nationalism and patriotism are wrong.  Our colleges and universities would have you believe that both are anathema to America. America seems to have a systemic infection of bacterium and viruses that start in our schools. Elementary through Universities. Our probiotics need to prevail. Antibiotics may need to be administered. The distinction is important. While it may be prudent to kill off the bad bugs, it would be better to out populate them.

      Our current government seems to think that bleeding the patient or applying leeches will heal her; this is medieval. Modern medicine says to stitch up the wound, staunch the bleeding, give her fluids to restore blood volume and nutrients to help her heal herself.  Is it too late to save her?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is anybody watching?

      Obama is a cancer in the White House. Soros is angiogenic to it. The cancer needs to be excised, the vein cauterized, the wound cleaned and stitched back up. And, to extend the metaphor, antibiotics given to the patient. Patriots are the antibiotic, and those who hate (the patient) America are the bacterium. Who will perform the surgery? That is up to the electorate. And afterwards, just as you wouldn't allow the recovering patient to consort with still ill patients, the media needs cleaned up. As it is the main source of germ warfare in this country. Its become a breeding ground for an evil soup of Marxist thought and liberalism. The concoction is conceived and cooked up in universities all across America and abroad. There is a grand plan to bring down America, and it's been hatched in the hearts of it's enemies. State players: Russia, China, North Korea, Non state Players, the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations and a religious one, Islam. We are dutifully dancing to their unheard song.  Zombielike...Obamazombielike.

KJV: Ephesians Chapter 6 [12] For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. [13] Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. [14] Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; [15] And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; [16] Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. [17] And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: [18] Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

Is anybody looking? Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and our beloved President have consciously perpetrated another fraud against the Constitution and the American people!

  1. Eric Holder – Through the BATF concocting a crisis in border states to support the baseless claim of Mexican drug lords buying auto and semi-automatic guns and running them across the border to support terror and illegal drug businesses.
  2. Mayors Against Illegal Guns – using the “data” collected regarding border violence and related gun sales, propping up proposed legislation to curtail sales, add layers of bureaucracy, and follow more law abiding citizens Constitutionally protected rights. Then Bloomberg and Holder hand in hand with the Executive Branch and lockstep Demoncrats write and pass more restrictive laws. Skew data and under report positive results. For example: while the number of guns recovered in crimes then traced to states that sold the gun is tracked and followed. The decrease in crime in those states aren't mentioned. According to the study, Florida, (the state in which I live) is one of 10 states that sold 70% of guns used in crimes. The study failed to mention that violent crimes in Florida dropped by over twelve thousand occurrences over the last five years. (cited FBI crime statistics)
  3. Janet Napolitano stating there is no problem at the borders, another baseless lie not supported by evidence. Ask the men and women on the ground. Ask the folks at the border, not the ones who just visit it for a photo opportunity.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tim Geitner is a LIAR!

Unions are run by communists and socialists, though where the distinction lies I don't know.
States exhibit #1: Trumpka. AFL-CIO Czar, handpicked by outgoing Prez Sweeney. Behind the scenes forcing votes, intimidation, inflating membership by mandating worker union membership. 'If you ain't Union, you aint workin'. The debacle in Wisconsin is his doing. Every bit, the intimidation, the chanting, the beatings of reporters and people willing to work. Further evidence of the takeover of the Teacher's Union by socialist thugs.
States #2: Obama vowing U.S. Government backing for Union bosses, makes me truly think our President is a communist also. He is for requiring Union membership for every worker. Working hand in hand with Van Jones and by proxy George Soros, phone conversations, emails.
Trumpka pleading the 5th whenever questions got too close to the truth in Teamster scandals. According to the NRLA, a person is not required to become a Union member. But just try to get a job, no matter your qualifications. You'd have better luck getting a glass of ice water in hell.

Ron Bloom, another Union stooge. The architect of Cash for Clunkers and betrayer of American ideals. Refusing to respond to the truth of his actions at an Congressional Oversight committee. Van Jones, (communist) consulting.

On another front on this war...Timothy Geitner, lying to congress. Flat out lying, saying that if the debt ceiling isn't raised by August 2nd we will default on our national debt. LIE! In order to default you have to prove there is no income, (there is). There is an inability to pay the interest on the debt (the ability is there). An unwillingness to service the debt by the loaner. (China to date has shown no interest in assuming the loss).

Why has no one attempted to restructure the loans? The big club at the top (the Fed, the World Bank, George Soros, the Chicoms) are all making money. They care not that entire economies are failing. In fact that is the aim of this conglomerate of banks, and governments. The aim is to allow the world economies to fail then swoop in with a “fix” of new money, new currency, new standards (everyone on the same level, regardless of output). It matters not that you've saved and worked your entire life, paid into a pension, or social security, your 401k, a simple savings account. It'll all be gone, to be replaced with this new monetary note, at a fraction of its original value. Kinda like what is happening now. Your dollar is worth about ¢42. Soon to be bought by the New World Bank. It's going to get much rougher than most folks are willing to say.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spanning the globe

I'm all over the place today.

     Charlie Sheen overpaid kook.  The only thing separating him from Linsey Lohan and Brittney Spears is money.  He has, they don't.  I say, let the law have him. If I behaved that way I'd be in jail awaiting prison.  Isn't cocaine illegal?  Isn't beating your wife illegal?  Isn't child endangerment illegal?

     Obama's lack of leadership is abysmal.  Again politicians without any military service are dictating a military action.  No clear objective, surrendering control to NATO and European commanders.  No Fly?  No Clue!  Our president didn't move until the Arab league gave the okee dokey to keep Quadaffi from murdering his own populace.  That's leadership.  Brazil?  What the hell is he doin in Brazil when there needs to be some real leadership from his office.  Granted Air Force One can do everything that his HUGE apparatus can do at the White House.  But at least from the World perspective he needs to appear to be doing something more that shilling for his buddy George Soros who owns a huge piece of Petrobras (Brasililan Petrol).  And patting them on the back for drilling in the ocean while forbidding any drilling in ours.  Ensuring huge profits for his buddy George.  Kill the search for American oil, where the investment isn't and laud the search and production of oil in Brazil where the investment  IS.  Can I make that any clearer?

     IDF has boarded another ship off the coast of Egypt.  The Liberian flagged ship bound for Alexandria was carrying 50 tonnes of ordinance and arms for Hamas from Iran.  Indisputable.  All this again under the guise of "Free Gaza".  A known terrorist organization.  Though it migh've started as a true relief organization, it has been subverted by Islamic Extremists, and terrorists sic Eileen Dorhnan and Michael Ayers, both convicted terrorists and anti Semites.  Hillary Clinton has shown more balls that our president.  How is that possible?  Oh yeah she keeps Bill's balls in her pocket nowadays.

     SEIU should now be characterized as a terrorist organization.  Audio tape of Stephen Lerner speaking at a Left Conference, outlining how they will target and take down J.P. Morgan the Wallstreet, by dint of massive stoppage of mortgage payments nationwide.  Or at least by union members....hmm the real agenda of unions comes out.  End capitalism and start communism.

     The "Budget".  I am amazed at how the media has fallen in lockstep with our Presidenet never questioning always obeying.  "If we keep on spending more than we take in, it's gonna cause serious damage to our economy." He says the need to get a handle on spending.  I agree with the exception of two little letters in the previous statement. The "ed", they needED to get a handle on it 14.3 trillion dollars ago.  Does ANYONE remember who signed those TRILLIONS away?  Mr. Obama and a Democrat Congress.  Cutting 50 Billion here a 100 billion there is like spitting at a forest fire.  We need a lake full of change, not a thimble full.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised every politician I've met with the exception of a few has behaved this way.  Saying one thing and doing your mother...oops another.  I really meant another.

     Hamas now has laser guided mortars with the help of Iran and the Soviet Russia.  These short range guided missiles allow terrorists to target with specificity targets just within range of this highly transportable weapon system.  The school bus they blew up had only 5 minutes before, held 15 Israeli school children.  This is a game changer.  Israel recently unveiled thier "Iron Dome" of protection for Israel.  Largely successful after testing in the most "real world" way.  Hamas/Hezbollah recently sent 11 coronet or upgraded katyusha (Russian made/designed) rockets into Southern Israel and shot down 8, allowed 1 to get through since its target was an orange grove, and 2 actually got through.  I say that's pretty damn good shooting by our Jewish bretheren.

     We could learn a lot from them, but do you think they will share technology with a hostile regime?  Am I talking about Iran, or Syria?  No, the US.  This administration could not BE more hostile to Israel.  The only democracy in the area who share a common interest and beliefs, and we are treating them like the unwelcome guest at our bar-b-que.  "Just go sit over there while we talk to the guests we invited.  Would you like some pulled pork?"

     Its hard not to call  Russia the USSR because they still behave that way.  There has been a big hoax perpetrated on the world by the former USSR.  While they "broke up", accepted "capitalism", made "democratic reforms", held "elections.  They haven't changed a BIT!  They arm our enemies, they send spies across our borders, the continue to have covert operations and assasinations in foreign countries.  The only thing that has changed about them is the name.

     Speaking of guests we invite:  The President recently had the de-facto CEO of Al-Jazeera in the form of the Quatari President visit the White House.  Does anyone remember Pravda? The propaganda arm of the USSR? (which still exists under different names). Al-Jazeera is the same thing only with better funding and TV stations, and the true support of millions of believers.  Believe it or not, our local college TV station regularly carries Al-Jazeera. I guess when the balloon goes up our local radical Muslims will need to know where to turn for instructions. America will not explode from without, we will implode because of our “inclusiveness” and love of “diversity”.  Takeyya is taken from the Koran Sura 3:28 which allows a Muslim to

Drink wine, abandon prayers.
Skip fasting during Ramadan.
Renounce belief in Allah.
Kneel in homage to a deity other than Allah.
And lastly utter insincere oaths.

Wow this could be our President…EPIPHANY.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Stuff

I'm all over the place today.

     Charlie Sheen overpaid kook. The only thing separating him from Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears is money. He has, they don't. I say, let the law have him. If I behaved that way I'd be in jail awaiting prison. Isn't cocaine possession and use illegal? Isn't beating your wife illegal? Isn't child endangerment illegal?

     Obama's lack of leadership is abysmal. Again politicians without any military service are dictating a military action. No clear objective, surrendering control to NATO and European commanders. No Fly? No Clue! Our president didn't move until the Arab league gave the okee dokey to keep Quadaffi from murdering his own populace.

     That's leadership. Brazil? What the hell is he doing in Brazil when there needs to be some real leadership from his office. Granted Air Force One and her crew can do everything that his HUGE apparatus can do at the White House. But at least from the World perspective he needs to appear to be doing something more that shilling for his buddy George Soros who owns a huge piece of Petrobras (Brazilian Petrol). Obama is patting them on the back for drilling in the ocean while forbidding any drilling in ours. Ensuring huge profits for his buddy George. Kill the search for American oil, where the investment isn't and laud the search and production of oil in Brazil where the investment IS. Can I make that any clearer?

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has boarded another ship off the coast of Egypt. The Liberian flagged ship bound for Alexandria was carrying 50 tonnes of ordinance and arms for Hamas from Iran. Indisputable. All this again under the guise of "Free Gaza".
      A known terrorist organization. Though it might've started as a true relief organization, it has been subverted by Islamic Extremists, and terrorists sic Bernadine Dorhan and Michael Ayers, both convicted anti Israel terrorists.

     Hillary Clinton has shown more balls that our president. How is that possible? Oh yeah she keeps Bill's balls in her pocket nowadays.

SEIU should now be characterized as a terrorist organization. Audio tape of Steven Lerner speaking at a leftist conference, outlining how they will target and take down J.P. Morgan and then Wall street, by dint of massive stoppage of mortgage payments nationwide. Or at least by union members, which has apparently a large enough following or membership to cause the effect they are looking for....hmm the real agenda of unions comes out. End capitalism and start communism.  WHERE IS ERIC HOLDER?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Verse

Ignorance shouts
Fear shrieks
Truth speaks
Evil whispers