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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Children in Congress

A letter to my Democrat elected representative, Bill Nelson (D) FL.

I watched with disbelief the reaction of Democrats at the President's State of the Union Address. I was appalled at the response to the President remarks that this congress has failed to act on Social Security reforms. The applause from those in the Democratic seats amazed me when they (you) should be covering your heads in shame. I would have expected that kind of juvenile behavior from a special education class reproached by a teacher for getting poor grades, but this is the Congress of the United States of America. I suggest that if there are any Democrats that read this, you start to look for more mature representatives. I don’t particularly care if they are Republican, Democrat or Independent (though I’d rather them be Republican), just so they don’t show disdain and infantile behavior in our nations capitol to our President. It’s as if the Democrats are thumbing their noses at everything a President elected by majority vote has on his agenda. I don’t care who is in office so long as they have my countries best interests at heart, and I truly believe (with some exceptions) the party that has those interests is the Republican Party.
Read: everything the majority of Americans feel should be on the agenda.
I’m not one to read too much into children behaving like children.
I’ve often repeated that:
When adults behave like children, we call them juvenile; when children behave like adults, we call them delinquents. – Author Unknown
So I’m not sure which we have in congress now, delinquents or infants. You decide and vote accordingly.

• I believe in America.
• I believe in English as the language of Americans.
• I believe that if a person is ill, disabled, unskilled the government should be there to help pick that person up with the intent of self sufficiency, or if absolute sufficiency can’t be gained with those ill or disabled partial support should be given.
• I believe that if you won’t work for yourself, you and your children will go hungry.
• I believe that we need to support Israel because they are the only democracy in the area and are the sanest of any government in the Middle East.
• I believe that those governments proven hostile to America and its ideals should not prosper by American goods, products, money or favor.
• I believe that you are not welcome here if you run down America and her causes, if you disagree, do something about it other that whining, and tearing down those who would work for a better nation. Get elected and work from within. If you can’t get elected then chances are you are a minority. And while minorities are looked out for and protected by the Constitution you don’t get your way until you are a majority or get elected.
• I believe the Supreme Court and Circuit Courts of the nation are out of control with those that would legislate from the bench. (See the 9th Circuit Court).
• I believe that we should elect those that have the country’s best interest at heart, and have the long view. Those in it for short term gratification with lobbyist’s money to get a specific agenda passed should be run out of town on a rail.
• I believe that if you think it’s ok to burn the American flag as an expression, it’s ok for me to express myself by kicking your ass.
• I believe that if you believe that terrorists at Guantanamo Bay are entitled to our rights under our Constitution you need to move to Tora Bora, and live under their regime.
• I believe that if you are tyrant or dictator and are a grave threat to surrounding countries and threaten to “wipe them off the face of the map” we should believe you and take you out first, (how long is crude oil radioactive?)

Social Security is like a freight train gaining speed towards a non existent bridge that is the missing income from the children we aren't having. Please excuse the run-on sentence. I hope that wasn't too convoluted to follow. Please read this one, and tell your fellow Democrats they should be ashamed of their public actions and inactions.

Clean up the Democratic Party so we can be proud to call you Americans again.

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