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Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheney Shooting

Harry Whittington must be a nice guy. I know Dick Cheney is a nice guy, having met him on numerous occasions while he was H.W. Bush’s SecDef. If he says he notified the local Corpus Christie newspaper instead of the Washington pool because he thought he’d get a better shake with the local media he was right. As evinced by the feeding frenzy of the media after the announcement of the accident. The most expeditious plan would be to let locals handle it, because I’m sure he was concerned with the health of his buddy and his buddy’s family. The media took a back seat to all other considerations as it should be. Or simply because of expediency that is his right. The major media outlets feel slighted and jealous because they think this is a huge story. It is not. It’s an unfortunate accident involving the Vice President of the United States and a hunting buddy. No subterfuge, no conspiracy, no smoking g……er. Well, maybe there is a smoking gun, but I’m of a mind that if Dick Cheney shot at something he was aiming for he would probably kill it. And who knows maybe he just couldn’t withstand the urge that we all have to shoot lawyers and yielded to the temptation. Even around the best lawyers I’d be looking for a way to knock one off. I give credit where credit is due. He only wounded where most would have killed. The Democrats are shrill in their screeching “cover up”. People, and I use the term loosely, (Democrats) are calling it misdirection, as if it was an intentional shooting to distract the nation from Iraq. These people are giving the run of the mill loony conspiracy theorists a bad name. And they think they have something to offer America next election season. Pah!

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