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Friday, January 13, 2006

Rainbow Coalition/PUSH vs. B.O.N.D.

Jesse Jackson, Jonathan Jackson (Jesse’s son) and Judge Mathis incite crowd to violence against B.O.N.D. (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny) leader Jesse Lee Peterson at Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. event.

In an event open to the public, Rev. Peterson politely asks how people not affiliated with PUSH/Rainbow Coalition (RPC) can have the same access to the same money destined for similar youth at risk. It needs to be noted that the money when sent into the community through RPC channels sometimes makes it to the intended recipient but mostly goes to overhead, and never gets to the end without strings attached.
So, in the interests of fairness, an organization without ties to the liberal Push/Rainbow coalition with a conservative ideological bent such as B.O.N.D. with the same intent but without the interest in attaching strings, has no such access to the same monies. Fair? What do YOU think?
Reverend Jackson from the stage states “The issue is not conservative or liberal. The issue is certain parasites trying to pick up fruit from trees they didn’t shake”, clearly referring to Rev. Peterson’s question to the Toyota Representative.

Firstly, the question wasn’t even directed at Jesse Jackson.
Secondly, the forum was open to the public.
Thirdly, the question was delivered in a polite non confrontational manner.
Fourthly, and this speaks to the kinds of people who attend these meetings, they were there to bash anything that has to do with conservatives, so the crowd was already keyed up and on edge.

Jonathan Jackson and cohorts then took it upon themselves to intimidate Rev. Peterson by sitting in front of him, Mr. Jackson grabbing his crotch and mouthing obscenities, and stationing his cohorts on either side of Rev. Peterson glaring at him and intimidating him for the duration of the meeting.
Tell me, does this strike anyone as correct behavior for a man of God or his offspring? I guess when RPC saw that some of the money earmarked for programs that would line their own pockets maybe actually making it to at risk youth they panicked. Now I ask, why doesn’t the general public know anything about this? Again I can point to under coverage by the liberal Main Stream Media. While this doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when it comes to the direction of this nation, it speaks to a class of people allowed to flourish under the umbrella of Democrat doctrine and spending.
A couple of questions need asked: 1) Does Toyota see more money coming to them from liberals, and hence feel the need to appear sensitive to the needs of RPC? 2) Do the Black liberals (i.e.…Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, and PUSH) actually see why their own people are in despair and poverty, both financial and moral? I think the folks at B.O.N.D have the answer, or are at least zeroing in on it. And it doesn’t involve drinking from the government trough. It involves drilling your own well.

On another note, now I see that BET has given Louis Farrakhan Person of the Year status. To show how militant they have become. It makes regular Americans, both black and white wonder who is minding the executive board of BET. Surely there is a more deserving soul than this loony, racist anti Semite, hate mongering militant. If this is truly the choice of the majority of blacks in America, then we all are in big trouble. I’ve always felt this man needed a one way ticket to Antarctica, and not in his spaceship. But, maybe the penguins would really give him trouble as they are both black and white.

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