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Friday, January 13, 2006

Harry Belafonte a shill for Hugo Chavez

Harry Belafonte a shill for Hugo Chavez.
Here’s some advice for the former singer… stay in Venezuela. You need a civics lesson more than any child I know. When daylight come and you wan come home. Stay where you are. You are no longer welcome in my America. You certainly have the support of the Venezuelan government, who I’m sure will make sure you have everything you need while you continue to spout the vitriol of Chavez’ socialist/communist party line. Pat Robertson was right the first time. Hugo needs to die. The AARP needs to rethink having Harry as spokesman for thier organization. And we need to bring back nation building in our hemisphere. Start with cutting the head off of the Venezuelan government. I think, in the end Presidente Chavez may have greater aspirations than just Venezuela, look out Columbia, and Panama. When Fidel Castro dies, which from all indications will be soon, he sees himself in the role of ideological brother to Comrade Castro. He is a thorn in the side of all his neighbors and a potential hub for launches of terrorists in this hemisphere. Jimmy Carter was far from touting the elections recently held there as flawless, and should have never validated the election. The questions raised about election fraud and ballot stuffing were simply overlooked as “natural for the area”, in a part of the world where elections are rarely above board. In Venezuelan campaigns where all opposition was crushed, I’m sure it was a comparatively fair election. All viable opposition was squelched by Chavez’ thugs, just like Nazi Germany’s brownshirts while Adolph Hitler was coming to power.
And this is the kind of man that Belafonte supports? You have to wonder if he isn't losing his mind a little. He's always been chums with Democrats and the free money crowd, so I don't know how far a trip it was to cross the line and openly support a communist/socialist. I guess in retrospect it isn't that far a jump. As there are plenty of Democrats that don't (openly) support Chavez that I would just as soon export out of the country as well.

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