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Monday, December 19, 2005

Espionage in Washington

President Bush spoke today about an Executive authorization to allow monitoring of phone calls by suspected terrorists within the nation to overseas locations (Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Syria, Iran, and Indonesia). The fact that the very existence of the monitoring program was leaked is treason plain and simple. The person or persons responsible for leaking a secret program by the NSA to monitor overseas calls from suspected terrorists is on par with the leaking of information that allowed Al Qaeda to modify it’s practices to inhibit out intelligence by use of cellular and satellite phones. We’ve lost another weapon for use against terrorists because of someone’s political self interest. Those who would benefit by this information being leaked are the Democrats.
We must stop tiptoeing around this issue, and start prosecuting people for treason when treasonous acts occur. Every instance of this administrations proposals to curtail terrorism, either by war, intelligence, financial or law enforcement intervention has been blocked or ridiculed by the Democratic Party, for no other reason than political gain. If anyone said that we were safer by broadcasting secret programs to the terrorists by Republicans, there would be hell to pay. The Democrats have got the GOP punch drunk I think, as it doesn't appear that anyone in either the administration or Democratic party will take the hit for the leak. I think that all Americans would do well to remember the old WWII adage “loose lips sink ships”. Those that perpetrated the loss by leaking intelligence or those that turn a blind eye to this behavior are putting not only our military in peril but our nation, and should be dealt with harshly.

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