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Friday, December 02, 2005

Open Letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean

Please forward to DNC Chair Howard Dean.

Dear Mr. Dean,
In your recent letter to your followers you say "Americans deserve to hear an exit strategy in Iraq and a plan to restore our moral leadership in the world." I submit: (if you would pay ANY attention to the elected administration) that the exit strategy is very clear and has been enumerated from the outset. To wit, When the Iraqi police/defense force is able, our folks come home.
As for the abandoned search for the head of Al Qaeda, you must be a huge knuckle head not to know the immense resources available to this organization and that once targeted he is that much harder to find. Plus you put him in a heavily tribal pro Islamic area of Pakistan and there are that many more layers of protection for him.
Your shortsightedness and unwillingness to make the hard choices appeasing the masses is to your detriment and that of the country. And it has and will continue to be the bane of your party. I suggest you pull your cranium from your rectum and get a feel for the real world.
Another suggestion, learn to take the long view, on the eventual defeat of terrorism, social security reform, the spread of Democracy and defense of this great nation. On the global level, the only way to end the new world scourge (Islam) is with Freedom, spelled with a capitol “F”. If you fail to see Islam for what it is, more is the pity. The enemy is not the Republican party, it is those who would tear down America and what it stands for, be they Democrat, Republican, Muslim, Atheist or Christian. Open your eyes.
In addition, stop feeding the welfare state that you mistakenly feed from the government tit. You rely on stirring racial animus between what has been traditionally your base and those who would better serve the nation. With the tsunami in the Pacific, and hurricanes here at home and earthquakes in Pakistan, there is a huge draw down of available funds for relief. If those able to work, do work and learn to contribute rather than extract. Then the world would be a better place. If you were more interested in formative and constructive dialogue as opposed to extending the status quo of the angst ridden demagogue, then this country would be back on the track to compromise which should be the watchword in Washington instead of the open hostility that exists today. If I’ve used some colorful language please excuse me as this was written in a moment of disgruntlement.
Good Day

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