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Thursday, February 26, 2015


     Dupes, primary conspirators, co-conspirators, and willful idiots. Power whores, brokers, and junkies. In two sentences I've described every person in our DC government.  Our president, is using the power of his office to “fundamentally change” our country. Pro- Islam, anti-Christian, pro- illegal immigrant, anti-citizen.

      Rudy Guliani has been pilloried by the media for his apt description of Obama, by questioning his love of country. All evidence points to his hate for America. Born and raised in a Muslim/Communist household, taught in a Muslim school, admiring the muezzin, our president has been influenced by Muslims, communists, and “Christians” that hate America. These are indisputable facts. Yet our media had failed us, our Democrat Senate has failed us by failing to vet our president. Failing to validate his bona-fides. Failures, and complicity. Either they've failed to do the job, or they are complicit in his presence in U.S. Government. The trail is long, from Occidental college, Harvard, Community Organizer, U.S. Senator, to President and traitor.

     He has removed our troops from the battlefield in Iraq before the job is done and the same in Afghanistan. He traded the traitor, Bergdahl, for terrorists in Guantanamo; yet Americans are still asleep. 
     The perfect storm has occurred. Cleanup is necessary. The time for Americans to act is now. Our Congress has refused to act when presented with clear evidence. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done the investigation, following all the rules of evidence. He tried to get the 9th Circuit to indict, but they've refused to hear the evidence.

     Net Neutrality is all about control, and crushing dissent. They scream “keep the net neutral” because their message is weak and failing. Once they are able to silence the dissenters, (the canaries in the proverbial coal mine), then their task will be a fait accompli. The goal is to silence us, with no way for people to speak out, organize and otherwise continue to advocate for the Constitution and stay a burr in the side of big government. George Soros and the Ford Foundation have dumped more than 200 million dollars into the pro-net neutrality political machine. 
     You don't think it matters? What I've written here will get me fined, banned, sidelined, imprisoned if the FCC's rules are codified. As tyranny continues to grow, the consequences will be execution. You see where speaking your mind and following your beliefs gets you in Libya Yemen, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and on the doorstep of Europe? Coming to a theater or stadium near you! 
     Resist, fight, speak out, continue to continue. Persevere. Be of good courage and cheer. God is truly on our side, as this tyranny is not of God.