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Monday, December 29, 2014

Walmart Supports Al Sharpton's National Action Network

Below is a letter I wrote to Walmart regarding their support of NAN and my opposition to it.
Enjoy or not.

Walmart Corporate

To whom it may concern,

Walmart's support of Al Sharpton's National Action Network is abhorrent. Rev. Sharpton's incitement and goading of the residents of Ferguson Missouri is well documented. He shoulders most of the responsibility for the assaults and looting in Ferguson, and all of the responsibility for the murders of the two policemen in New York City.
This man and his organization has been on the wrong side of EVERY issue addressing the peaceful resolution to EVERY crisis regarding race and perceived wrongdoing. Your support of the NAN must stop. I don't know every organization Walmart contributes to, but this is one of which you must divest. I get diversity, and why it must be encouraged by companies, but this organization is subversive, disruptive and against societal order. The main rabble rouser Sharpton is at the apex of NAN.
I will forward to EVERYONE I KNOW that your company supports NAN and explain what NAN is and does. Then leave it up to that person's conscience as to whether they will continue patronage of your stores. I for one will not darken your doorway unless and until you divest yourself from NAN with a public statement of why they are no longer deserving of your largesse.

Sincerely a former patron,

                                       Kenneth A. Jenkins USAF Ret.