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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Victims of Union Thuggery

Unions, the gang warfare in our streets condoned by congressmen, and our President.
     Fox News' contributor beaten by union thugs completely missed by ABC, MSNBC, and CBS
Women and elderly people running for safety because union members tearing down a tent providing refreshments to union members.  (That's smart) However, tt's Standard Operating Procedure for the top 3 main stream media outlets to bypass leftist, communist activity that affects Americans daily.  Anything that doesn't fit the template for their liberal world view.  For instance we had a Congressman, I repeat A CONGRESSMAN calling for blood relating to Wisconsin's reigning in of the budget by allowing employees to select whether or not they had to join a union to work.  Not a peep.  Not a whisper.  The silence was deafening. If you think I'm biased against unions, you're right.  In Chicago I had an uncle burned to death in his home because he was trying to feed himself and his family by union members.  Unions were once beneficial, however they became a money and power hungry monster in the 30's.  Infiltrated by Communists, in the late 30's and done with a vengeance in the 1950's.  Their aims are still to take over America, and they are doing it by getting into teacher's unions, teaching our children, influencing the curricula, placing the professors who write books in academia, slowly forming a generation amenable to
     Hostess is another victim of union greed.  As well as the 18,000 more victims who now have NO employment and NO hope of getting anything near the salaries and wages they were earning at Hostess.  Now Hostess declares bankruptcy.  yay for unions.  Another step towards Communism.