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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Awaken Sleeper

     The time is well past to awaken. We cannot regain our rights without removing the people in power by educating the electorate. Indoctrination began in kindergarten and is taught throughout the lives until everyone is in lockstep with the new majority. The people who vote themselves, as R.A. Heinlein said "bread and circuses".  Government without restraint is what we now have.  A President circumventing Congress and the will of the people through Executive Orders.  As the orders would not hold up under public scrutiny and Congressional debate.  We have a President who believes that Executive Orders are followed all over the world.  A government without restraint is tyranny.  Tyrants must be removed, and once removed replaced with Constitutionally mandated governmental order.  This administration is bordering dictatorship.  The unwieldy, expensive, invasive behemoth that is our government which has been created over the last 100 years must be corrected.  Our President regularly hosts terrorists and sanctions racism throughout our nation. 
     Weak leadership and the go along to get along mentality has got to stop.  We are haemorrhaging and nobody knows how to stop the bleeding.