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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Trayvon's Sad Demise

     Trayvon Martin’s death is a tragedy any way you look at it.  It is tragic that he is dead.  It's a tragedy that his family has so much pain.  I understand this.  But to try and assuage it through finger shaking and playing the blame game until all the facts are known, is the wrong direction.  It’s tragic that so many of his family and  fellow blacks want to exploit his death for financial gain and to further their agenda.  

What is the agenda you may ask…?
1) Tie law enforcement’s hands.
2) keep the race card in the deck, keep Rev.(s) Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson employed.
3) further the gun control crowd’s agenda, and ultimately repeal the 2nd Amendment.
4) in the long run get Barack Obama, Fredericka Wilson, and Corrine Brown,  re-elected. 
How you may ask?  By making whites feel guilty….again.  

Shaprton and Jackson are both parasites.  Grave worms, blood beetles.  Wherever human misery occurs, they are there to feed.  It's sad that most blacks don't see this and continue to support these barkers of doom and death.
     Zimmerman whether he shot in self defense or not will no longer have a life.  In the court of black public opinion, he is guilty and should be hanged.  The investigation isn’t even concluded yet the blacks in Sanford and Washington D.C. have all decided sans evidence, that he is guilty of murder, stalking, and racial profiling.  Further employment in public in the United States  is forfeit, if he lives.
     Criminal charges  should be brought against Spike Lee, Rosanne Barr, and the New Black Panther Party, by the U.S. Attorney General, but like the last time the NBPP broke the law, it too will be ignored.
A Civil suit should be brought against the above mentioned people on behalf of Mr. Zimmerman whether or not he is found innocent.  Vigilantism in the United States is illegal.  Again “the facts are as yet not known”.
The lone witness who refutes this story cannot be known publicly.  If he or she were to become known, they too would suffer the same fate as poor Trayvon, although not at the hands of a neighborhood watchman.  At the hands of the friends or family of Trayvon, or our friendly neighborhood New Black Panther Party.  I’m sure the attention to this case has stopped any further witnesses coming forward.
     The one witness we know about says that Mr. Zimmerman “without a doubt” was the one calling for help as he was attacked by poor Trayvon Martin.  How does that jibe with what his girlfriend was hearing on the phone?   Was the phone call recorded?

Did Mr. Zimmerman screw up?  Hell yes! 

He should have stayed in his SUV and waited for the police.

He should never have turned his back on the suspect.

     I am white and will relate an incident of racial bullying….I was handled once.  Once.  It will never happen again.  I was in charge of an Air Force mission to test communications between our National Command Authority and missile launch facilities and THE Airborne Command post.  Before the mission I said “lets go boys”, meaning “let’s all go to the airplane and fly the mission”.  But two of my crew members happened to be black.  I was immediately called for it.  “Whatchu mean ‘boys’?.  I meant all males going to fly this particular mission.  They (the two black crew men) immediately took offense to the phraseology, and played with me.  They PLAYED with me.  Knowing exactly what I meant (lets go fly), and exactly who I had directed the statement to (all males within the sound of my voice).  They took feigned racial offense to my direction.  I was a new NCO and aware of the racial climate in the U.S. military immediately backpedaled.  I stewed on that for a couple of days.  Then went to the individuals separately and spoke to them of my concerns.  KNEW that I had been HANDLED, and I had been taken advantage of simply because they knew they had me over the “racial” barrel.
     Blacks get to run roughshod over anyone and everyone they come in contact with.  The race card is forever in their pocket.  
     The main tragedy is that black children are growing up without adequate supervision.  The males donate sperm and disappear.  This is the main cause of failure in the black community.  That and the diminished role of God.  The latter can be said of whole the United States.  
     Florida’s stand your ground law will likely be altered or altogether repealed if the NBPP thugs and Brady Bill anti-gun advocates get their way.
     Trayvon grew up in a community that believed that it was cool to be "ganststa".  Because his father wasn't around to say 'no', and correct the behavior, assuming his generation wasn't so polluted as well.  
     Mr. Zimmerman grew up in a community that thought it was good to be law abiding.  Our national New Black Panther party believes that they are not Americans and that “street law” trumps our Constitution.  Malik Shabazz and Mikhail Muhammad are criminals the same as Muhammad Atta, differing only in degree, Inciting to riot, hate speech (still protected) and vigilantism.  Roseanne Barr and Spike Lee fall into the same category, all three need to be brought up on charges.  Barr and Lee for being an idiot, and Muhammad for being a violent idiot.