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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Brietbart Post

      I am in favor of  two Constitutional Amendments. 
1) Term limits.  These power whores have got to learn to wean themselves from the government tit.  And,
2) A Balanced Budget Amendment, they need to start doing that for which they were elected. 

     However a purge must happen, there are too many in power now that will NEVER leave, and have ulterior motives for being in office in the first place.  (See the Czars, and Obama cabinet members).  Joe McCarthy, may he rest in peace, had it right.  This is the USSR's 50 year plan if people would open their eyes to the truth.  Educators, Unions, Local offices and up the food chain to the White House, UN and beyond.  We are peon's now, but we must awaken before EVERY liberty is gone.