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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

Proposals by the Democrat party:

Socialized Health Care. We have abundant examples of the failure of Socialized Health Care. Canada for one, has a waiting list of 6 months for a choleosystectomy (gall bladder removal). All sorts of horror stories are coming from the UK, where people are left to die in hallways and not discovered for days. Russia has no health care to speak of, and that is the end of the track to which socialized health care is heading.
That is not to say that US hospitals are immune to neglect. There is a push and shove between hospitals, HMO's, Big Insurance, lawyers and congress, none of which can agree on tort reform which is the essence of the problem. Lawyers not only charge exorbitant fees for plaintiffs in medical malpractice, they go after huge awards of which there is no ceiling. This has a domino effect requiring doctors to either charge more for their services to pay for malpractice insurance, or quit doctoring altogether, as is the case with many OB/Gyn doctors and Emergency Room physicians.
Here is the calculus:

  1. Lawyers are scum, they own Washington and comprise most of the public offices. If they are not in office they have tons of friends in office.
  2. Lawyers get their way because they have friends in office or are in office themselves. (So for the foreseeable future there will probably be no tort reform).
  3. Lawyers love malpractice suits where people die, they see dollar signs. They go to sleep with dollar signs with big boobs dancing seductively in their dreams. Jury's' who will see family members sobbing always award big bucks. Poor Billy Bob who smoked for 30 years died of cancer. Then we see the family wanting some money because he was addicted to cigarettes and died of the habit. You don't see heroin addicts going after Afghani farmers, or cocaine addicts going after Columbian importers.
Litigiousness is out of control. Daisy BB Guns sued because their product shoots bb's. Lawsuits are pursued against Jack Daniels because their product inebriates people, so the COMPANY is at fault. Personal responsibility is what the whole shebang boils down to. It doesn't exist anymore. It's not taught by a great measure of our population. It's no longer espoused as the honorable thing to do. When you do something wrong or stupid, own up to it. Or as the kids say “Man Up”.

Admissions I'd like to hear are:

Cigarette Smokers - “I knew cigarettes would kill me, but I didn't care. I liked the way they made me feel.”
Burglars – “I know I shouldn't steal, and that man had every right to shoot me in the ass as I made off with his stuff.”
Murderers – “I knew I shouldn't a killed that woman, and I deserve to die because of it.”
Members of Congress – “I know I've taken money from bad people to do their bidding in Congress, but I promise from now on I'll work for the people.”
Brittany Spears – “I need parenting class and an island where I can't get high.”
Alan Colmes – “I'm a liberal and I need HELP!”
Alcoholics – “I know I'm a drunk, but nobody forces me to drink. I'm just a self destructive SOB.”
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – “I'm a kook and a lawyer and I need to be put out of your misery.”
Ted Kennedy (now no longer a problem) – “I'm a drunk lawyer and a liberal and I need to be put out of your misery.....DONE.
Hillary Clinton- “You wouldn't even know me if it weren't for my philandering ex-President of a husband. You shouldn't even elect me dog catcher...and yes I know I look like Madeline Albright.”

Immigration will be the deciding factor in the 2012 elections. Border security is a joke, always has been.
People in the legislative (Republicans and Democrats) and executive branch are guilty of collusion with Mexico and Big Business to keep the flow of cheap labor coming. That's why there is all this foot dragging. No brain surgery there. They just lie, tell us one thing and do another.

In the same vein, (National Security) the Iraq and Afghani war needs(ed) to be won, pulling out is exactly what we did in Viet Nam. We put our boys and girls in harms way to do a job and the Dems got their way, we have brought them home before it's done, only to have to fight it here.  Our military are now removed from the theater where Iran is rattling it's sabre.   Makes me sad and angry: Sad, because there will be the same sense of futility for our Iraqi and Afghani veterans that our Viet Nam vets feel. Angry, because I know there will be MUCH more bloodshed by terrorists bent on killing Westerners that could have been averted if we'd only stayed and done the job. It's the ebb and flow of hawks and doves, Republicans and Democrats.

The Fairness Doctrine is anything but fair. It's censorship plain and simple. It would affect radio both AM and FM, TV, public speaking, church pulpits, soap boxes, and blogs. But you can bet your behind that the already liberal media will be considered moderated already and exempted from this doctrine. Since when is it Congresses business to be watchdog of AM radio, Media Matters who gets it's marching orders from George Soros and other liberals has gone after Rush Limbaugh with claw hammers, by taking one paragraph totally out of context, and exploiting it to revive this stinking carcass called the Fairness Doctrine. Not only should this law be buried, but cremated and it's ashes scattered on the nearest dairy farm along with all the other BS.  But now the FCC has an off switch by Executive Order.  Thanks Obama.

Again, another semi- coherent rant. A lot is happening, and fast. Fasten your seat belts it's going to be a scary ride to the 2012 elections.

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