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Sunday, January 08, 2012

I vote for.....Woody! (my cat)

     At this point, I would vote for my cat over Obama.  I am waiting for the GOP to shake out.  The fools to step forward so we may know them.  Santorum looked good until I listen to him, his views on gun control, and his lack of intellect strike me as a deterrent.  While obviously he's a Christian (Catholic), pro life.  He just seems kind of dim.  For example, when he said Sen. John McCain didn't know anything about torture.  Amazing faux pas.  He must engage his mind before he speaks.  He isn't Presidential.  Romney, is milquetoast.  Ron Paul is scary as hell.  Smart man, but his ideas are too radical, and not in the best interests of this nation or her allies.  Newt, ahh Newt.  He's smart too, and knows Washington....good and bad.  He's made some mistakes in the past too.  But of this field, I think he has the stones to do the job.  So I will vote for whomsoever the Grand Ole Party picks, not because he's the best man but because he isn't Obama.