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Monday, October 10, 2016

An Open Letter to Pastor Max Lucado

     I read your essay. No Donald Trump is not a decent man. The decent men and women were disposed of during the GOP debates.  What's left is Donald Trump. A man who claims decency and Christianity.  And Hillary Clinton who (publicly) supposedly is the opposite. She (the Presidential) alternative, portrays herself as a decent, Methodist, upright and kind candidate.
     Anecdotally and from first hand knowledge she is anything BUT a kind, decent candidate. She has made a career out of being the long suffering First Lady, Senator and SECSTATE.  And has failed abysmally at all three. Lying, inconsiderate, and evil to the bone, the former First Lady, Senator and SECSTATE, wants you to believe that she is the better candidate.
     Which would you truly prefer, a brash man who sometimes speaks with little consideration of the consequences but speaks his heart, or a woman who's every word is parsed, every thought calculated,  every intent bent on evildoing?  I watched your interview with Obama who believes in "Collective Salvation" (what does that even mean)? And was dismayed to see at the end of the interview, your endorsement.
     You have a lot of influence with Christians across the nation. You have a duty as a Christian, a pastor to fight evil. Granted the choices we have during this election are worrisome at best, but would you rather advocate for the person who speaks his/her mind or has nefarious intent?
     Trump is unafraid and I believe speaks his mind and the truth as he sees it, and Clinton says what you want to hear but with evil intent.
   I ask that you prayerfully reassess your endorsement.
Yours in Christ,
Kenneth A. Jenkins USAF Ret.