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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Syrian Quagmire

      Syria is that quagmire that liberals were claiming Iraq and Afghanistan were.  We haven't stuck our foot in it yet.  Our Commander In Chief stuck his big mouth in it with his "Red Line". The factions fighting in Syria are numerous and confusing.  Areas of Damascus are divided up into territories just like gangs in Los Angeles.  The Free Syria faction being the most legitimate of all.  The rest are affiliated with or are outright Al Qaeda.  Discerning who are the bad guys and who are the not so bad guys is impossible.  We have no strategic interest in the area.  If Obama wants to bomb someone he needs to bomb Tehran, and the list of nuclear facilities.  From Arak to Yazd.
    Obama's sabre rattling and potential slap in the face with a tomahawk missile to the presidential palace will ignite a bloodbath against Americans everywhere.  The video's I've watched show our allies, the people we are proposing to help executing men without due process, beheading, and some are committing cannibalism.

     These are the people a strike against Assad will help.

     These same people who beheaded a Franciscan monk after searching him out in his monastery.  They are killing every Christian they find. 
     The classified information that is supposedly only viewed by the Senate Armed Services Committee, needs declassification and dissemination to get ANY support for regime change.  The "overwhelming evidence" is NOT in evidence. 
     Where and what is it?  Where are the reasons we are going to put the men and women of our armed forces at risk?  Where are the assurances that what happened in Egypt and Libya won't happen in Syria.
     As I type this I see that it is an impossible situation.  This is what Iran and Al Qaeda thrive on.  Chaos, and it's of the devil.  If we aid in any way these animals, these subhuman beings we will be complicit in demonic actions.  Plain and simple.