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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Three Card Monty

     Benghazi was about arms retrieval. The CIA was there to buy/retrieve some if not all of the surface to air missiles that went missing during Gaddafi's ouster. Paying hard cash to Al Qaeda for weapons stolen from Libya's armories.

     Egypt is about radical Islamic supremacy. Obama won't call the regime change a coup because in doing so they would have to, by congressional decree, stop funding. Both military and humanitarian. The Muslim Brotherhood a radical Islamist group who seized power through ballot box stuffing and electorate intimidation, supports Mohamed Morsi. The Egyptian treaty with Israel was to be (or has been) rescinded under Morsi's watch. Morsi granted himself unlimited power by decree, then took it back (he says).  Only the decree stands and his power hasn't diminished. Rapes are on the rise, Christians women and children were killed, their churches burnt to the ground (soon to have a mosque built on the site). All with the cry of “Allahu Akbar” echoing in the background.

Watch rodeo clown.
  • Don't investigate Lois Lerner's personal email where she was conducting IRS business.
  • Don't investigate the people murdered in Benghazi.
  • Don't investigate the Attorney General who was aware of and running Fast and Furious where a border control agent was murdered with one of the guns.
  • Don't investigate the illegal, (against the Constitution) collection and stockpiling of phone numbers (conversations?), emails and Internet sites visited.
  • Don't investigate illegal seizures of emails at the AP.
  • Don't investigate the illegal seizure of Fox News reporter James Rosen's emails both professional and personal and the harassment of his family.
  • Don't report on the looming tyranny that is Obamacare on 1 October.
  • Don't investigate the Obama administration role in the violence in Egypt. Watch on which side Obama's support falls. It will always be in favor of Muslims and Sharia. Remember, Obama said “I am a friend to the Muslim” in his first year in office. Believe him.
  • Don't look into an election coerced by threat of violence and fraught with ballot stuffing and theft.
  • Don't investigate who made the decision not to provide aid to the victims at the American Embassy in Benghazi.
  • Don't investigate why the survivors have been given false names and had to sign nondisclosure agreements with the government.
  • Don't investigate the Fed. The largest crimes on the planet have happened there.

I could go on and on.

     The outrage about the clown at the rodeo with the Obama mask is about distraction and 1st Amendment rights. A clown pursuing his craft. People claiming racism are useful idiots. Americans have Attention Deficit Disorder.
Remember there was no outcry when similar acts occurred using a George Bush mask. Hypocrisy is the liberal Demoncrat's calling card. Oh wait, no its not. The RACE card is their calling card. It's still being played.