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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SURPRISE! Muslims hate the United States and all infidels.

SURPRISE!  Muslims hate the United States and all infidels.  

     Is it a surprise?  Uh, no.  However our lovely, ever thoughtful State department would have us think so....who US?  We had no foreknowledge and no "credible threats" or "actionable intel" on the radar.  No idea we would be targeted in Islamic countries on the anniversary of 9-11.  As my Dad would have said.. "everyone who believes that, stand on your head and fart your socks off".  Colourful imagery, no?  All any American with a brain would need to have is a calendar.  
     United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, has come out numerous times claiming that the burning of embassies and murdering of diplomats and their support personnel, was caused by a badly made and acted film made in California.  Parroting the party line.  SECSTATE Clinton said it, so it MUST be true.  This coming from State is designed to distance the Obama Administration from the facts on the ground. Obama must need their votes or their (radical Muslims') campaign contributions.  He is sure placing himself in the catbird seat when all Islam blows up.  Or Israel is forced finally to act,   "Hey I tried to keep the capitalist war mongers off of you my whole time in office".  This is what he thinks but will never say publicly. 
     But his actions are fostering an atmosphere of weakness and failure and despair in this nation.  The idea of America is abhorrent to him.  The fact that America is a world power is anathema.  He is a very bright man.  Everything is by design.  He WANTS America weak.  He WANTS colonialist America to get its comeuppance.  And he's proud to be the architect of the downfall.  Obama Senior would be so proud.

      51 Americans dead to learn a lesson.  Joint operations with Afghan military and police are dangerous because the Afghan military and police are lousy with Taliban homicidal maniacs.  That is 51 Americans and allies dead because it took that long to convince the Obama administration that the cost in lives is too great a price for the feel good, back slapping that comes after leaving Afghanistan.  I say the administration because if the US military had their way they would do all operations with nothing more than an unarmed translator.  Let the morons live in their seventh century cesspool.  But when the government starts allowing the inhabitants of said cesspool to conspire and travel outside to kill us.  We bomb them back to the 2nd centruy.  And we start looking real hard at members of that cesspool living in America.  
     Civil Liberties for them be damned.  Young Muslim males, 16-27 from Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, CAIR membership, Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood, ALL should automatically be suspect.  Profile them.  Say YES to profiling.  Get Imams out of our prisons.  Exile Louis Farrakhan.  Go ahead and execute Abdel Rahman, find and assassinate the entire Zawahiri clan.  Send them off to the virgins (may their pubic areas be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels).  If you are ultra liberal, left leaning Obama loving, baby killing occupier that hates Christians it should still be as plain as the nose on your face.  Sure go to bat for the poor Muslim, but do it from North Africa.  The time for Americans to protect  themselves within our own borders is past.  Now we can only protect our homes.  And THAT not for much longer if Obama, Clinton, and the UN get their way.
God Bless what's left of America