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Monday, July 11, 2011

Tim Geitner is a LIAR!

Unions are run by communists and socialists, though where the distinction lies I don't know.
States exhibit #1: Trumpka. AFL-CIO Czar, handpicked by outgoing Prez Sweeney. Behind the scenes forcing votes, intimidation, inflating membership by mandating worker union membership. 'If you ain't Union, you aint workin'. The debacle in Wisconsin is his doing. Every bit, the intimidation, the chanting, the beatings of reporters and people willing to work. Further evidence of the takeover of the Teacher's Union by socialist thugs.
States #2: Obama vowing U.S. Government backing for Union bosses, makes me truly think our President is a communist also. He is for requiring Union membership for every worker. Working hand in hand with Van Jones and by proxy George Soros, phone conversations, emails.
Trumpka pleading the 5th whenever questions got too close to the truth in Teamster scandals. According to the NRLA, a person is not required to become a Union member. But just try to get a job, no matter your qualifications. You'd have better luck getting a glass of ice water in hell.

Ron Bloom, another Union stooge. The architect of Cash for Clunkers and betrayer of American ideals. Refusing to respond to the truth of his actions at an Congressional Oversight committee. Van Jones, (communist) consulting.

On another front on this war...Timothy Geitner, lying to congress. Flat out lying, saying that if the debt ceiling isn't raised by August 2nd we will default on our national debt. LIE! In order to default you have to prove there is no income, (there is). There is an inability to pay the interest on the debt (the ability is there). An unwillingness to service the debt by the loaner. (China to date has shown no interest in assuming the loss).

Why has no one attempted to restructure the loans? The big club at the top (the Fed, the World Bank, George Soros, the Chicoms) are all making money. They care not that entire economies are failing. In fact that is the aim of this conglomerate of banks, and governments. The aim is to allow the world economies to fail then swoop in with a “fix” of new money, new currency, new standards (everyone on the same level, regardless of output). It matters not that you've saved and worked your entire life, paid into a pension, or social security, your 401k, a simple savings account. It'll all be gone, to be replaced with this new monetary note, at a fraction of its original value. Kinda like what is happening now. Your dollar is worth about ¢42. Soon to be bought by the New World Bank. It's going to get much rougher than most folks are willing to say.