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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Russia the Rogue

Why is Russia supplying Iran with Nuclear technology? Why is Russia supplying Syria with weapons? Granted, they are cash-strapped, twisting arms in Belarus and Azerbaijan, and holding Europe hostage all as a result of the mob (see KGB/GRU) running the government... not because of the lack of capitalism. The capitalists went to Russia in droves after communism fell in 1989, and started to make some money back on investments but soon found that the "good ole boys" network was now translated into Russian. If you didn't grease the right palms or pay the right bureaucrat you didn't get to do business there. The evil people of the Communist regime are still around and they are making and selling arms and technology to our enemies. Just ask Alexander Litvinenko ....oh, I guess you can't. Well we can always depend on a free and independent media to uncover governmental misdeeds, just ask Anna Politkovskaya...oh, I guess you can't ask her either. She and Alexander are in a tea room in heaven. Apparently "Seeing his (Putin's) soul" doesn't translate to watching his hands sticking knives in your back. It appears Russia’s biggest export is thugs. Poor GWB wants to believe people have the best intentions, except when they tell you they want you dead, (see Ahamdinejad). Why does no one believe him? Hell, I do. And I think he should be dead instead of me and my family.
In a country where such things are done with no accountability, no oversight, or maybe with official oversight, what else can we expect? We see governmental misconduct unchecked by any official committee or watchdog group, unless you count Human Rights Watch, which turns a blind eye to anyone but the United States and GITMO. How do you reign in a strong member of the UN Security Council who is in cahoots with China on policy for oil and nuclear proliferation? You don't. The old question "where does a 900 lb gorilla sit?" fits. They still have the brain power to export their expertise to other countries without the all encumbering conscience that should go with it. We have a program to basically buy Russian nuclear weapons paying Russia not to sell their nukes to other bad guys, but apparently we are lowest bidder (terrorists pay more). We've got our fingers in so many holes in the dike, that we need to take off our shoes and use our toes.. Admitting Israel into NATO is a good start letting those who would do harm know how civilized nations feel (getting Muslim-influenced Europe on board will be a chore). It also has the consequence of propping up the only Democracy in the Middle East. This should be done sooner rather than later. Enough kowtowing to Syria and Iran and now Lebanon, the only thing they understand is destruction and superior force. Pelosi has undermined US policy in the Middle East the same way Kennedy did with Russia when Regan was in office. Just a rant. Sorry I’ll be more coherent in the future.

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