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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Die is Cast

Remember my Arab friends....
يسوع هو ابن الله!

So McCain won the Republican Primary in Florida. Rudy messed up, put all his costly eggs in one Floridian basket, and the gamble has cost him the Presidency. I would say good for the GOP but I don't think so if McCain is the eventual winner. McCain of the McCain/Feingold campaign reform (does anyone remember what a kook Russel Feingold is?) yet John McCain chose this miscreant to cosponsor campaign finance reform. Feingold is the guy who wants to take the teeth out of the FISA courts and lay bare the US to terrorist incursion.
Feingold is on par with the Ron Paul clot of the insane left of our nation. The McCain/Kennedy immigration amnesty abomination doesn't bode well for the future of the GOP. If Mr. McCain is elected on the credentials of his believability and credibility with mainstream conservatives. This will further polarize the Republican party. Rudy bet his bankroll on New Yorkers in Florida voting for him. What he forgot is that humans have a memory. His voting record on abortion, and tax relief is abysmal.
Fred is gone....saw the writing on the wall and decided to cut his losses. Poor Alan Keyes who is probably the most honest and intelligent man never elected, is a never was. Romney....GONE, was also pro abortion and had questionable religious beliefs (so Jesus is the brother of Satan?)
Huckabee was a surprise. I question his immigration credentials, but not his moral ones. Huckabee seemed to be the only candidate with his pants on right. Ted Kennedy endorses Obama. Which should tell anyone in America to stay the hell away from him. And Hillary is scaring the crap out of the rest of and energizing the Republican electorate. NOBODY wants her as President. Chris Matthews says there is “magic” in Obama's campaign. It's nice to see that Obama with his slave reparation beliefs hasn't been lost on Matthews. I now believe that Rev. Wright has dug Obama's political grave. And Hillary is enjoying some schadenfruede.
The media has pretty much made a self fulfilling prophecy in that they have been decrying doom and gloom for the economy half way through GWB's first term, and now the public at large are beginning to believe it and making it happen on Wall Street. The media and their hirelings “Democrat party” can now say “we told you so” the economy has failed and growth has stagnated.

As my Dad would say, anyone who believes this stand on your head and fart your socks off.

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