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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pelosi In Syria

Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy are both guilty of trying to undermine a sitting President. Kennedy while Regan was in office went to Moscow to try and bolster his (Kennedy's) support with the Russians and further his anti Republican agenda by advising them that the Regan administration was only temporary and that the pesky "Star Wars" spending spree was only a phase. They could out wait it. Thanks to Ronald Regan sticking to his guns, they not only didn't out wait it, they fell under the economic pressure and the Communist regime of the USSR was no more. Much to Teddy's chagrin.
Pelosi on the other hand went to Syria to tell Bashar Assad that Israel and the US were ready to restart the peace process even though Hezbollah and Hamas were still being supplied arms by Syria and Iran. A precondition to resuming of peace talks with Israel i.e..that Syria renounce terrorism and quit supplying terrorist organizations and recognize Israeli s right to exist as a nation. She spoke half truths and outright lies, in saying that Israel was ready to resume the peace talks, and in the process undermined President Bush s dictum to not deal with State sponsors of terror until they renounce said sponsorship.
I have to ask the question. What does Speaker Pelosi think she is doing? Where do her loyalties lie? With the Democrat party and nowhere else. I seriously doubt that she is even loyal to Americans. Hiding behind our fear to not call Democrats on their patriotism can no longer be tolerated. Her trip to the Middle East was ill conceived in that she went on the pretense of diplomacy when she had no mandate and no plan to do it. She does not speak for the United States on any level other than to represent her Democrat underlings. She didn't speak to or retain anything from the primary players (i.e. Israel, and Iran). While she got the standard State Department briefing "wear hijab, walk 10 paces behind men, do not shake hands with men". There must've been no other prep..
Assad sat back and nodded knowingly because he knows he and his Secret Police are complicit in the assassination of Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri. She went with her own agenda and walked away with the satisfaction of thinking that she has taken a first step on the road to a great diplomatic career. The trip was a throw away. A non-trip. A boondoggle. She went with no other intention than to appear as a player on the international stage. She has no qualifications for the job, nor does she have the demeanor.
Placing herself in the role of subjugated female, Pelosi in the presence of President Assad by wearing a hijab, she not only denied her mission, she denied her country. I understand the need for assuming the attire and customs of a people being visited (i.e. shaking hands with the right hand because the left is unclean, not showing the soles of your feet for fear of insult). But Speaker Pelosi went to Syria with the supposed mission of representing the United States of America. And I m not sure but I doubt that she wears a hijab in the Senate building. Maybe she should wear one all the time so that we would know where her loyalties lie.
Syria is a major source for infiltration of foreign fighters across the borders into Iraq and most probably the destination for Saddam Hussein s weapons of mass destruction stockpiles. Does anybody remember over a hundred flights from Baghdad to Syria using Iranian aircraft with no manifests and no passengers? Did Speaker Pelosi speak to President Assad about these issues? The answer is decidedly no . She went there for her own glorification and no other reason other than to undermine a sitting President which she and her party abhor.

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